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Makey Makey + Tinkering

Makey Makey

Today in design we got given a Makey Makey box which has wires, connecters and a mother board. We got given little information because the teachers wanted us to figure it out our selves. A mother board is it a board with tabs which you put wires on a tab and you press a button and you can type, click, press the space bar, scroll the mouse, press arrows and etc. I found out not everything can control energy to work such as cotton, wire and etc. Here are some things that work…. fruit, lollies, people and etc.



Today in design Hannah and I are making a lolly piano with Sour Squirms. We are using a box, connectors, lollies and the mother board. We cut a hole for the mother board in the box then we stuck in the lollies with tooth picks and then put the lollies on the tooth pick and put the connector on the lollies so it could attract the energy to make the sound.

Here is our final product and a video of it working…




Today we had two periods of Makey Makey and Tinkering. In tinkering Hannah and I pulled apart a camera, and it was very hard because there where so many screws and some screws where very hard and where screwed in too hard so we couldn’t get them out. Hannah and I found lots of Mother Boards and one of them had a button on it and you could move it side to side.


Today in tinkering Hannah was at gymnastics so I pulled it apart by myself and one screw was very hard to get out and I puled apart another camera with Pippy and we glued 3 camera caps together so that it looks like a DJ desk.