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Scratch Tutorials

Session 1 21/7/17

Today and for the past few days we got introduced to a new program could SCRATCH….

Srach Tutorial-17mo7k8

Session 2 31/7/17

Today in design we have been focasing on scratch and here is two short films about scratch…..

Knowing what everyting does on the bottom left hand corner-1yqcra0

Session 3

Here is a video of what we did in scratch. We first learnt how to use the app scratch then we transferred on to the online scratch.

Here is a video of the online scratch and what we do.


Session 4 14 and 15th of August…

In these two days we learnt a new thing called all about me, and it is where you have to make a program/ game and talk about yourself and ask questions. On the script and you would have multiple of sprites so you can put in a script for all of them so they can talk. You have to have a person so that the person can tell about herself and you can also do quizzes and much more.

Session 5 23/8/17

Today was practically the same as up above.

We went on and tried to get our all about me done. But I learnt a new block called the question block it is a block were you can ask a question and the person can answer back to you.


Here is a couple of videos of me explaining it and showing my program…..


Session 6

Today we did a thing called De Bug it. De bug it mean that we found scratch projects that had to be fixed or that was right it just had to be fixed and the blocks had been put into not the right spot. course