Craft Power Incursion

Today I had the best day ever do you want to know what I did; we were lucky enough to have a popular wood worker and teach us a few of his many skills in wood. His name was Anatoli, and he visit’s schools to teach them about wood, he also runs workshops for kids.

He has a set of safety rules that are to be safe round all sharp and dangers tools and lots more

I learnt how to saw but I saw curvy so next time I will work on sawing straight, when I saw I used to do shot strokes but you want to do long strokes, I also leant that the wood is very delicate and it will brack easily I also learnt that the cars have friction motors and that we are going to be painting our cars and that we will be learning about friction motors later this week.

We were allowed to use tools such as: copeing saw which is a saw  for much finer pieces of wood and it can do more curving then the other saws. We also used a hammer, nails and also sand paper, to build a car of our choice and we also picked a person and I picked a doctor.

Here is some photos of my partner and I:


Testing our Cars

Today we took our cars outside and got a sheet to write any questions we has to ask about testing our car and we measured how far our roller coaster went in any of the surfaces that we tested our car on and we also did a graph on how far our car went.

Here is a picture of my graph:



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