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Term 1 Reflection

Term 1 Reflection

This term has gone in a flash, ad I can’t believe that the term has already gone and I have had so many fantastic opportunity’s.

My highlights of the term would have been:

  • Crosscountry
  • Design- Cereal Box and the Roller Coaster we made
  • Maths
  • Writing
  • Sport
  • Music
  • Swimming

I have loved every minute of term 1 and I don’t want to leave this term and I will miss everything that we have done this term.

In design this term we have done a more then one things in design we have done our Cereal Boxes, Roller Coaster’s and reflections on the cars that we made and reflections on our Roller Coasters as well and in the first few weeks of school we started to experiments on what forces there are and then we started to do our Cereal Box and when we finished our Cereal Box we got introduced to the Roller Coaster and what we make out of.

In Writing we have been focusing on Who am I? and in class time we have been reading Who am I? and Just a Dog and they are both absolutely fantastic and I can’t stop reading them. My best pieces that I would have down is the Palm Oil piece.

When I mean swimming I mean the swimming trials that we did in term 1

Craft Power Incursion

Today I had the best day ever do you want to know what I did; we were lucky enough to have a popular wood worker and teach us a few of his many skills in wood. His name was Anatoli, and he visit’s schools to teach them about wood, he also runs workshops for kids.

He has a set of safety rules that are to be safe round all sharp and dangers tools and lots more

I learnt how to saw but I saw curvy so next time I will work on sawing straight, when I saw I used to do shot strokes but you want to do long strokes, I also leant that the wood is very delicate and it will brack easily I also learnt that the cars have friction motors and that we are going to be painting our cars and that we will be learning about friction motors later this week.

We were allowed to use tools such as: copeing saw which is a saw  for much finer pieces of wood and it can do more curving then the other saws. We also used a hammer, nails and also sand paper, to build a car of our choice and we also picked a person and I picked a doctor.

Here is some photos of my partner and I:


Testing our Cars

Today we took our cars outside and got a sheet to write any questions we has to ask about testing our car and we measured how far our roller coaster went in any of the surfaces that we tested our car on and we also did a graph on how far our car went.

Here is a picture of my graph:



Sorting out Quadrilaterals

In maths for the past few weeks we have been finding as many Quadrilaterals as we can. Today we started finding groups for our shapes and I found No parallel sides, 1 or more parallel sides and 1 or more right angles. There’s a word that we have been focusing in maths that is called Congruent and that means that the shape is the same and the same size.

Here is a photo of my poster of my shapes:

Sorting out Quadrilaterals


Congrunt: means same size, same shape

Adjacent: means next to each other

Opposite: means two sides that are facing each other

Parallel: means two sides that are facing each other and are same size

Acute angle: means a smaller angle that is 45*

Obtuse angle: means an angle that is larger then a quarter turn but is smaller then half a turn or straight line

Reflex angle: means an angle is larger then a straight angle but more then a quarter turn

Here is my power point for the glossary please click on the link below to see the glossary:

Sorting out Quadrilaterals-zus1tp



Cereal Box Marble Run

Session 1:

Today 3/2/2017 we were asked to make a marble run. Not just any marble run we had to us a cereal box, 1 pair of scissors and 30cm of masking tape. It was so much fun. First we started with a seed then we wrote down how we were going to make the marble run and design it. I think next time I will be very wise with the marking tape because remember we were only aloud to use 30cm of marking tape.

Session 2:

Today I fixed my cereal box. I made it so it could stand up and finish at the right spot. This is what it looks like:

Session 3:

Today I and making a new marble roll and it as a cylinder so it goes slower then my other one and were still only allowed to use 30cm of masking tape, a cereal box and scissors. Now this is what my final product looks like: