Addo Maths


Addo is a maths game, but it is not just any maths game it is a game we’re your only aloud to use 9 numbers and 3 in each row.

Some of my strategys were:

  • To put the ten in the middle because it is the easiest number to get.
  • On each side of the ten I put a 14 and a 7 and the reason why I put those number here is because the three numbers are most likely to get in a row.
  • On the top of the three numbers in the middle I put a 11, 13 and 9 and the reason why I chose to put the three numbers like that is because there the most unlikely numbers to come up.
  • Under the three numbers in the middle I put a 8, 6 and 12 and the reason why I put the three numbers together is like the one on the top of the page is because the three numbers together have a more likely chance to come up and win together
  • The reason why I chose the numbers like that is because it is a better chance with those three number together.

My numbers were 10,9,8,7,6,11,12,13,14 and this is what my board looks like with all the numbers in my board:


How to use Addo

On our laptops we have a game and it is called Maths 300 and it has addo and when you click on the addo it comes up with 4 games on you want to click on the second one and you would want to do this with a partner and the in the boxes you put your numbers in the boxes then put your partners in the other box.

By Lili Batrouney

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