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For our second project in design we were asked to make a Roller Coaster this term, we have just started our roller coasters and the aim is to use no masking tape and use kinetics.

Session 1: 24/2/2017

We have started doing our roller coasters by watching videos on roller coasters so we have an idea of what we are gong to do. I have finished my design of what my final project will look like. This is what my design looks like:

Session 2: 3/3/2017

Today in design we started our roller coasters and I have started building mine. All the martials we were aloud to use was tubbing, kinetics NO MASKING TAPE and cardboard. I started off with choosing my tubbing and my materials for the roller coaster. These are all the materials that I used for my roller coaster:

This is what my testing roller coaster looks like:

I have learnt that it helps if I put my roller coaster on a sloop so the marble will go faster and at least will finish in the finish spot, but I need to cut the tubbing so it is a bit smaller so it is easier and quicker for the marble to go though.

Here is a video of my roller coaster:

Session 3: 6/3/2017

Today I cut a bit of my tubbing off so it wasn’t so heavy and the bit of tubbing I cut off I made the cardboard stand that hodads my tubbing stable so it wouldn’t collapse. Next I’m going to bring in some of my ribbon in because we are not aloud to use any masking tape. This is what my cardboard stand looks like:

Session 4: 7/3/2017

Today I’m fixing my design and doing my blogs and keeping up to date. This is what my new design looks like:

Session 5 10/3/2017

Today I fixed my roller coaster and fixed it so it can work every time, I lay my tubbing down so it can work and won’t work and this is what my design looks like:

Now here is a video of my final project press on the link below so you can see the video


Also today we also talked about Newton’s laws of motion’s first design and what occurs in my design and now this my changed my design and now this is what is looks like:

This is what my final product looks like at the end of the lesson:

Session 6 14/3/2017

Today Poppy, Abby and I asked if we could join our roller coaster’s together, we had to figure out a way to join Poppy and Abby’s roller coasters together and then next session we are going to join my roller coaster onto Poppy’s and Abby’s roller coaster.

The reason why it is going to go in this order is because Poppy’s roller coaster starts with a really high slop and Abby’s and mine don’t and the reason why is because we both don’t have as big slop as Poppy’s rolller coaster and the reason why mine goes last is because my roller coaster dosent have a big slop but is dose have a small one.

Here is a video and a photo of our joined roller coaster’s together:

Here is now a video of my joined roller coaster:


Session 7 16/3/2017

This session we had three hours to work on our joined roller coaster and we added mine and made it work.

Today my group got together and we are going to attach my roller coaster and we started to attach my roller coaster in first and second period and in the third period we made 11 attempts to make the marble go through the first part of the joined roller coaster went though but it had to have a piece of paper so it wouldn’t fall out. We all decided to change Abby’s design so it would go and around and finish and the end point. Poppy’s and Abby’s roller coaster went though and it ended. Here is a photo and video of what the 1st atempett looks like:

We decided to do it in the Make a space only because it has more room and because there were materials that we needed.

Things we did:

First we though to get little bits of tubbing and made that to conect to the other roller coasters then we also got some chairs and a box the hole roller coaster had a loop, ring, up hill and a corkscrew here is what the photo of all the roller coasters together looks like:

Here is what we will try for a challenge:

Her is all the attempts we had to get the marble to go and around the hole roller coaster with out dropping and these are the attempts 9 and 11:

Attempt- 9


Attempt- 11



Here is all the peoples roller coasters that are in my group the we joined together:




Our group next session will make the last roller coaster on a hill so we can have a challenge because the end joiner is laying down and it is to boring so we are going to make it on a hill or a slop.

Session 8 21/3/2017

Today my group fixed our roller coaster and replaced the paper that made the marble pass the hole and replaced it with aluminium foil so it could block the hole, we tried a full sanding loop on our roller coaster and it made it half way but didn’t make the hole loop.

Here is a photo of the aluminium foil blocking the hole:




Now we are going to get materials and put the loop around the material to get the marble to go through and finish in our finish spot we gave it. Now we tried without the material and tried it without it but it doesn’t work so we are trying gain without it and it is going half way but will never get around so we are trying again with the material and we are trying many different ways and fiddling with the tubbing so it can go through.

Here is some of the different ideas we made:


Because the paper was all crinkled and the marble wouldn’t go through because the crinkle was blocking the marble from going through.

Session 9 22/3/2017

Today my group asked if we could just work on our roller coaster in the morning, and we have to have in a roller coaster and these are what you have to have a: up hill, a cork screw, down hill, up hill loop and one that is a lay down loop.

Here is a photo of the finished design:

Here is some photos of a member from our group explaining the forces, centripetal force and much more:

  This is a picture and it is has momentum to go down and around

 Here is a completely upside down with a hole and the marble can only go through because it has the momentum and centripetal force

Here is the up hill and down hill loop and it is made out of centripetal force and momentum

This picture is a picture of the up to the down hill

 This hole is completely upside down and the only reason why the marble can go through is because of the centripetal force

 Here is the cork screw and the ramp can just get back into the tubbing

Here is a video in action and our finished roller coaster:


Session 9 24/3/2017

This session we asked the teachers if they could do and inspection and look at our final product. One of the teachers came over and on our second try it worked. Then we decided if after the inspection we should make a power point and show the changes form the first design to the final design and the first roller coaster to the  final roller coaster.

Here is the power point we made please press on the link below to see:


Here is our final product:


Here are some pictures of the stages that I went through when I was building my roller coaster:

This term I have learnt heaps that I never new before and never new the meaning here are the things I’ve learnt:


  • I learnt what centripetal force is and what momentum means and centripetal force means that is has the force to get up and around and roll down with holes in the tubbing and momentum means that it has the force to go down and around.
  • I also learnt how to make a roller coaster out of tubbing and how to connect on to other peoples roller coaster.

By Lili Batrouney







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