Makey Makey + Tinkering

Makey Makey

Today in design we got given a Makey Makey box which has wires, connecters and a mother board. We got given little information because the teachers wanted us to figure it out our selves. A mother board is it a board with tabs which you put wires on a tab and you press a button and you can type, click, press the space bar, scroll the mouse, press arrows and etc. I found out not everything can control energy to work such as cotton, wire and etc. Here are some things that work…. fruit, lollies, people and etc.



Today in design Hannah and I are making a lolly piano with Sour Squirms. We are using a box, connectors, lollies and the mother board. We cut a hole for the mother board in the box then we stuck in the lollies with tooth picks and then put the lollies on the tooth pick and put the connector on the lollies so it could attract the energy to make the sound.

Here is our final product and a video of it working…




Today we had two periods of Makey Makey and Tinkering. In tinkering Hannah and I pulled apart a camera, and it was very hard because there where so many screws and some screws where very hard and where screwed in too hard so we couldn’t get them out. Hannah and I found lots of Mother Boards and one of them had a button on it and you could move it side to side.


Today in tinkering Hannah was at gymnastics so I pulled it apart by myself and one screw was very hard to get out and I puled apart another camera with Pippy and we glued 3 camera caps together so that it looks like a DJ desk.



So today in design we had too answer 5 questions about electricity. When we answered them we had to find photos of the cycle and percentages and what can the question have and equal and what things could be in that question.

In design we had to find out what a circuit is and how it is used. Up above there is a photo of the circuit and the parts, purpose and complexities of the circuit. Once we had completed that activity we got to make our own circuit and I figured out how to do that circuit and I also got a fan working using battery’s, connectors and a fan. When I made the fan it took me a while because I didn’t know if to use one battery or two battery’s.

Robotics Term 3

Session 1

So we have been doing Robtics and we had to do what is up the top the black line challenge and had to try and make the robot follow the line or go zig zag.

So the black line challenge is so where the robot has to follow a black line or go around a circle going zig zag. My robot had lots of fails but then we got it and up the top is a video and a photo of my program.

Session 2 9/8/17 

Here is a video of me explaning why my program didn’t work and why it did and some video and photos….


In design we had a task that was we had to draw a working program and test it and print a photo of the working program and stick in visual diary.

Session 3 1/9/17

Today in robotics we had to complete a squiggly line challenge


Session 1 29/8/17


Today in design we have been introduced to a new topic called sphero. It is where you can program or show where the sphero can go. We can also change the colour of the sphero. On the app we there is this thing that is called drive and we can drive the sphero where ever we want.

Here is a videos of today…









Scratch Tutorials

Session 1 21/7/17

Today and for the past few days we got introduced to a new program could SCRATCH….

Srach Tutorial-17mo7k8

Session 2 31/7/17

Today in design we have been focasing on scratch and here is two short films about scratch…..

Knowing what everyting does on the bottom left hand corner-1yqcra0

Session 3

Here is a video of what we did in scratch. We first learnt how to use the app scratch then we transferred on to the online scratch.

Here is a video of the online scratch and what we do.


Session 4 14 and 15th of August…

In these two days we learnt a new thing called all about me, and it is where you have to make a program/ game and talk about yourself and ask questions. On the script and you would have multiple of sprites so you can put in a script for all of them so they can talk. You have to have a person so that the person can tell about herself and you can also do quizzes and much more.

Session 5 23/8/17

Today was practically the same as up above.

We went on and tried to get our all about me done. But I learnt a new block called the question block it is a block were you can ask a question and the person can answer back to you.


Here is a couple of videos of me explaining it and showing my program…..


Session 6

Today we did a thing called De Bug it. De bug it mean that we found scratch projects that had to be fixed or that was right it just had to be fixed and the blocks had been put into not the right spot. course






Allegro Monday 29/5/2017

Allegro on Monday 29/5/2017

Today was the best day to spend allegro going to the Keith Humble Centre at Senior School. Today we practiced all day, after lunch we did a bit of a practice with all the allegro groups before all the parents turned up to watch a performance from all the year 5’s. So allegro is a program that runs in music for only the year 5’s. You have to play and instrument and at the start of the year, everyone had to try out all the instruments out. After you have tried all the instruments you would have to pick your favourite instrument; then you would have to pick their second favourite instrument and then their third favourite instrument, then the teachers will choses what they play. If someone already plays an instrument, they are put into an allegretto group that has stings, wind and brass and much more.

On the Monday we all got put into our instrument groups and practiced then we did a couple of little games with all the groups then we got into a big big group with all the instruments and practiced till the perents arrived and then we all pefored a piece called Go Go Allegro and Allegro Con Brio and each instrument group preformed a piece to everyone and we performed a piece call Three Flying Flutes and it had 3 different parts.


Micro Worlds

      Micro Worlds

Session 1 18/5/2017

Today in maths we explored micro worlds and everyone made something and I have made this really cool flower and much more… her is a photo of what the flower looks like and all the codes for all my things I have made on Micro World.

Session 2 25/5/17

Today in maths we got a challenge to write and we had to write our first letter of our name. I wrote the letter L but it was very hard trying to get it perfect and all of the angles and lines were probably the hardest out of the letter L for me. I haven’t done my last name for the first letter because I was trying to perfect my letter L.

Here is a photo of the letter L…

Letter L

Here is circle I made and the codes for it. It was not as herd as the letter L but it was hard to try and make it a proper circle and not a square shaped.

Codes for the semi circle and normal circle…

Session 3 

Pseudocode and Robot Build



Session 1 28/4/2017

Today has already been a blast guess what we are starting today? We are starting to build robotics and today we are starting and are in progress of building robots and we got the robot that looks like this and we can download codes to make the robot do it and know how and what it is doing when it is moving. We are starting to get the robot into place. OMG we are nearly finished our robot and next session we are going to finish is so we can start coding the robot so it can do whatever we ask it to do such as turn left 90 degrees and much more.

Here is a video of what we did today:


Session 2 11/5/2017

Today we finished our Robot and we have attached everything onto it and we were very very stuck because we couldn’t find a piece that stop us from building. We all came back to the floor and discovered how to program the robot and I started to then we got a special cord witch goes in the robot and into the computer USB port.

Here is a video of the robot in progress…


Session 3  13/5/2017

Today was a fantastic day starting off with learning how to program the robot and what everything is about in and on the program and how to transfer the program to the robot.

Here is a photo of what everything means on the program….

The first green one is the practice one I made.

The red one is for the Data Operations.

The Orange one is for the flow control.

The yellow is for the sensors.

The blue one is for the advanced setting such as the stop button and much more.

The green one is for the action so the robot can move and turn.


Session 1 23/5/17

Today in robotics we are still programing with the robot and there are 3 challenges that we have to complete and they are, but these challenges are just for this week and the we have our second challenges.

  • Seconds
  • Rotations
  • Degrees

Here is a video of what we did today…


Session 2 26/5/17

Today in design we did the seconds and degrees and finished them all off and we had to code the robot to go back wards and forwards. Now we have to do a new challenge that the aim is to go around a diamond…..

Here is a photo of what the seconds look like…

Here is a video of how to do the seconds, degrees and rotations….

Screen Recording Challenge 2 seconds, degrees and rotations-2bilrit

Here is a video of the Rotations….


Here is a video of the Degrees…..


Here is video of the Seconds….


Here is a video of the challenge for the square….

Session 3 6/6/17

Today in Robotics we tried out the square and to see if it works still but my program stops in the middle then starts again. When I try the program on the robot it does a weird turn for the 90* turn.

Here is a little video of what we did today….

Session 4 9/6/17

Today in Robotics we have learnt a new thing called sensors and we are focusing on the colour sensor and that is were it can stop on a colour we want. When we tried to do it we made it turn to much but it worked and it was trying to find the colour green.

Here is a video of it working…



 Session 5 20 – 22/6/17

Today in Robotics we found out about the Touch sensor and the Ultrasonic sensor and the aim for the touch sensor is so if there is something in the way it will automatically bounce backs and to do that you have to use this special brick and in the video down below I will tell you what to do…

I still haven’t found out what the Ultrasonic sensor does because I haven’t explored it yet but here is what it looks like…

Session 6 – 26/7/17

What a start to term 3. This term we have been working on a program called the black line challenge and its where the robot has to follow the line or go zigzag.

Here is a video and photo of the black line challenge…



Who am I?

Who am I ?

What a blast, do you want to know what we have been doing from the start of first term and finished on the 27/4/2017. We read the best book ever, we read WHO AM I ? I could recommend this book because it is sad, thoughtful and is fantastic in every way.

This book is Who am I by Anita Hiss

It is the best book ever and I would definitely recommend this book it you.