Lost Princess


The movie was about a lost Princess who was getting bullied online and she thought that there was a boy that we as young as her, but he was actually a grown up trying to get all her personal information and going to take her away, but next time never trust online people unless you meet them in person.

Kieran was addicted to video games and by the age of 15 he went to a doctor to help him to forget about going to play video games and now he was trying to take a little girl away and he was lying to the lost princess and then when Kieran when to meet the lost princess and then Kieran went to jail cause its an only child enter.

They ended up resolving the problem by never trusting someone online even if they lie saying that there 11 but there actually 40 and there profile picture can always be fake. It just means that anyone could be lying in this world and we need to watch ourselves.

They could have been a better person and not to try and track someone up and take them away you want to be the bigger person and not be mean and play games with people but don’t try and track them down be nice and be the bigger person.


Never lie to someone online and never trust anyone online unless you know them or have meet them before.

Passion Project #2

Cheerleading Poster 

So far for my poster I have started to write and draw some of the things that are going to be on the poster. I will hang my national champ medal and some photos from my comps. I have started to write some of the writing on my computer so I wont be able to show you any of it but I can show you a picture from one of my comps. I have got a blue square of cardboard that I’ll put everything on and I’ll work on it in the next week or so. I will include how many hours I train and things out cheer.

Passion Project term-3 #1


For my term 3 passion project I have chosen to do a poster about cheer. I will include how many hours I train and what teams and what level and what club and other things about Cheer. I will make a sort film on some tumbling but I will show manly on a poster.

I chose to do this for my passion project because my hobbie is cheer and I practically live at cheer so that’s why I chose to do cheer.

Supplies: cardboard poster, scissors, glue, tester, pencil, pictures, stickers etc. I will manly get my supplies from office works and the picture will get printed at office works.

Passion Project #3


I think that I achieved what I always wanted to and it went well though the progress and the video is done and edited so its ready to share. I learnt how to put what music I wanted to because II hat to download all all the things I needed for the film to be complete. I think I could have done something that includes having a more clear voice, slowing down when show what things to do and maybe better camera angels. Here is a photo.


Win At The Fair

The past few weeks in project maths, 6C has been working on a project called “Win at the fair.

Our first session was where we got given a sheet with either dollars or cents on the sheet around the boarder. Here is a photo of what the first board looks like.

How you play. “First you put your counter on the “start” tile, then you want to roll two dice and you follow the directions on the tile underneath the start tile. Once you have landed on a win prize you go back to the start and then roll again and you want to record the data.

Here is the data we recorded as a 6C class

The next session we played a game where we could design our board however we want. You could change how the dice moves and the money around the boarder and we also could do this thing called a black hole. A black hole is where if you land on it you have to re-start and you don’t get any money. Here is a photo of what our design was.


In the same session we got given a task to make our board on maths 300. Maths 300 is where there is many of games on it, but we manly focused on “Win at the fair”. We could do anything on the board we wanted to but this time we weren’t allowed to have black holes. Here are all my tries that Blythe and I figured out. I thought that our board was quite successful and that sometimes we landed on black holes and that wasn’t fun but though the time we changed our game board on maths 300.



Digital Etiquette


Netiquette means where you are being etiquette on the internet like being nice on Instagram and all the social media.

Flaming / Flame Wars 

Flaming and Flame Wars means starting a fight online. When you start a fight you are just causing trouble and making everything worse.


A troll is where someone is bulling someone online and that you are putting them down.


Means where you want or don’t want people to know your personal information.

Communicating Clearly 

  1.  Using abbreviations
  2. using emojis
  3. using caps lock to show yelling.


Asking someone if you can post something or putting something about them on social media. 

What does Tim mean when he says “When it’s out it’s out”. 

I think he means that if you send a message that is rude or not necessary anyone can see it cause you can’t delete it. That just means that you are putting them down cause you said something rude.







It is: True is a word because if your not true your just lying and that is not nice for an example say if I said I could do a trick but i really couldn’t i’m just lying and that’s not nice.

It is: Helpful because someone might need something and you could go help them and say do you need anything because you don’t want to just look at a person and not help.

It is: Inspiring because you wouldn’t know anything if it wasn’t somewhere you could see so that’s why it’s always good if I advertise something that everyone can look at.

It is: Necessary because if you say something and you don’t need to say that then it’s not necessary to do that for example say if i said why can’t you do something like me that’s a bit rude and it’s not necessary for me to say that.

It is: Kind because you need to be nice and kind and if your not, your just showing a bad reputation of yourself and in future no won will like you.

Passion Project #2


I have achieved lots and I really think that my film will be great and I filmed it with Pippy Norris and I was teaching her how to do my back handspring. I learnt how to use I MOVIE and now I can make a film properly. I feel like that I have had lots of success and that the camera angels were challenging and that the next step for me is editing.

Here is a sneak peak of my film…

Richard Turere TED Talk


Richard Turere

 The main message was to show how beautiful animals are and that animals can do what ever they want and YOU CAN’T STOP THEM. This boy was very against all of this and that people can do what ever they want. Richard also crate awareness for the lions and the cows.

He got the messages around by using his voice and expressions to make humour and to keep the audience watching so that they eyes were not taken away from Richard.

He used technical support by having a microphone at the back of his head so that the audience could here Richard well and to express his voice and he also used eye contact and he moved but not far or else it looks weird and he used humour to keep the audience watching.