Term 2 Reflection

My highlights for this term are getting so many pieces of writing done, being more productive and doing my Ted Talk.

The goals I have accomplished have been. Being productive and getting more writing done.

This term has taught me to keep going even when things get tough and to persevere.

I think I could improve on my listening and organisation skills next term.

My goals for term 3 are to.

Get better at my organisation,

listening better

and to always be productive.

That concludes my term 2 blog post, see you next term.





Sharing Passion Projects

So far we have looked at lots of passion projects all with different topics including “flipping”.

Session 1

Today we watched some people’s passion project, my favourites were Josh’s one about backflips and Hugh’s one about surfing. There were also a few others one that I liked.

Session 2

Today we looked at Jack’s mountain biking film (my favourite of today) Oli’s one about planes, Hannah’s one about making pyjamas and Asha’s one about gymnastics.

My overall favourite is Josh’s because it is funny and exciting.


Math Madness-Knights Tour

Today we focused on a game called knights tour in project maths. a knights tour is where you have to get the knight to land on every square once each.

This is what I discovered.

That the average answer for the class was 47,

The most effective strategy was to get rid of the hardest to rid of first

(the blog is licenced under the worldwide copyright agencies 2017)


Passion Project-Editing

This week I finally managed to complete all of my programming, But I am having some technical difficulties with initialising pygame and getting the game to run.

This is my coding.

Below is my main block of code, it includes everything that runs the game. eg running the clock, initialising pygame, linking the keys and transferring data from classes.

Bellow is where I made all the classes where all of the character information is. eg how to make the character jump, move and shoot

My game is going to be a game where you control a jumping bug and you shoot all the flies.

kind of like this.      


Hopefully I will soon be able to get the game working to show you all what it looks like.





Me as a Reader

When I read it looks like I am in my bed or when I have spare time

When I read it sounds quiet but sometimes with music on.

I often lose myself in books and I hate having to come back to the “real world” not knowing what happens next if I haven’t finished the book.

The types of books I like are books that are fast paced i. the action or fantasy genre and have got a long series


Today we looked at digital etiquette and tried to figure what it means. We found that it means to be respectful, kind, accepting things when they happen, polite, grateful and courteous.

people who do the opposite of those things are called Trolls or flamers.

Reading Rant-Shoot to Kill Steve Cole

This book is about young James Bond who had expelled from Eton finds himself at a school named Darlington hall and makes some new friends but one night at his friend Dan’s secret movie club things start to go wrong they uncover a reel on which there was a film of non special effects murder.

This book is a action book.

I liked all of the characters except for Martyn because he was a huge snob.

I loved the plot because it is fast paced and has LOTS of action.

I would recommend this book for people who love their action books.

I rate this book 8/10.

Project Maths-Win At The Fair

Today with we explored the game win at the fair. I explored the game with Francis we then began  recording our data of what our results were . I then discovered that 20 cents was not the most common result instead it was 50 cents. This got me thinking about what the average payout was.

This lesson we got to use maths 300 to play the game and I ran trials for 10, 100, 1000 and 10000 and in the end I managed to find out that the average payout for a normal game was $1.29 to $1.34

The main question we focused on in this lesson was how to make a profit as the owner of the game.

I managed to do that by switching the numbers around like this  and keeping it fair at the same time

changing the average payout to 0.75 rather than 1.30 which means the owner will have a average earnings of 0.25.





TED Talk Birke Baehr

His main messages were about what’s wrong with the food system and the way companies fool you with colourful packaging.

He got his messages across by using lots of hand gestures, the slides he used up on the screen and his humour.

His technical support was the slides he used on the screen.

He used his humour very well, but I think he over did it with the hand gestures.


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