So I have started and finished my editing. So that is the end of my post.

Actually, I do want to tell how I went on the editing stage. So I went on to premiere ( which always works for me) and I put in  a couple of videos and photos and all was well. Until I put in my music that I had my heart set on putting in. And guess what? It didn’t work.  What a shame I guess I will have to move on from that music. Of course not. That was not working at all so I continued. But instead I moved onto a different programme. Movie maker!! I know people think it is amateur but I would rather a good passion project using movie maker, than a horrible, terrible and just plain bad passion project using adobe premiere.

So that is the end of my editing  . . .  in adobe premiere.

Once I had moved on to movie maker things were smooth sailing. And guess what, it wasn’t bad quality. You can barely tell I used movie maker. I used different transitions and effects that I have never used on premiere. It was actually not that amateur.

That’s my editing post. . . about the editing side of it. The footage side of it was very interesting. Watching myself as a little child felt very strange. Most of it I didn’t even remember. Have you ever felt that feeling before?  Most people have I think but the other thing is where you watch something you remember vividly on tape. It is like you are reliving that moment.

With all these I have put together a passion project that I a very proud of. All I need now is a quote that relates to my life in Abu Dhabi. I think this will put that extra sparkle into my film.

And that is the end of my editing post.  . . for real this time.

Triple R Reflection

This Term during out triple R lessons we have been looking at the 16 habits of mind. What is this you may ask. Well this means that we look at interpretation, understanding, and empathy. The activities we did revolved all around these 3 words. Our main focus was Listening with understanding and empathy.

So to start this activity we were given a bunch of instructions to draw something on our whiteboards. When we had finished out masterpieces. We took a gallery walk. I noticed that everyone had similar drawing yet they were different in each way. The positioning of objects were different and simply the look of object were not the same. This proved our interpretation was all different and our picturing in our head was different.

Then we got into small groups and worked on saying sentences with emotion and empathy. I worked with Asha and Maya on this and we worked on the sentence I failed my exam. When it was our turn to present we showed empathy and understanding.

I think it is important to show empathy and understanding in our world. Otherwise the world wouldn’t be a nice place.


Billiard Ball Bounces

This project we attempted recently was called Billiard Ball Bounces. We studied the game of pool. Hang on a minute. Not the game pool. The pool table or as some would call it the billiard table.

The rules to this were simple. The ball would start at the bottom left hand corner of the board and we would have to try and get the ball into the hole but wait for it. . . and only using 45 degree angles. We had to find out how many bounces it would take for each different

So with the rules in  mind our class set off on a joined group activity. We attempted to make a giant billiard table and then once we had succeeded we set off drawing similar tables in our books.

Data I collected during the written process.

I worked out not far into the process that there was a pattern that looked like a bunch of squares lined up next to each other. Similar to this one.

I also started to make a formula out of the data I collected.

Maths 300

With the programme on Maths 300 I collected Data on an excel document and I finally worked out a rule I  the end.

length + width -2. This rule only applies if the length and width are odd.

For now this rule helped me find pattern and predict the number of bounces accurately but I still think there is a better rule for this.

I loved all the problem solving and pattern finding in this problem.


 Production stage is here. For me it is different because I only need to film one ptc. This was easy for me. My Dad just got the camera and filmed me. I did this in front of my room to show now where I am at in my life. I wanted to film this PTC so the audience would understand my topic, and my message and the whole point of my passion project.

Another thing I had to do was look for all the footage I wanted to collect. I found it funny viewing footage that I don’t remember even being in. But through all the footage I didn’t need, I found footage that really matched my passion project purpose. I do think that I will definitely need to trim some of my footage because I don’t want my passion project to go forever.

I am confident with the footage I have collected, that I will have a great passion project.


# Planning post

Planning my passion project. Some say it is the easiest part some say it is the hardest.  For me I’m in between. All I have to do for my  planning post is simply plan what events I participated in that I want to show and music and different things like that.

Me being me I had already planned a term ago. This is what I have come up with.

One ptc of me explaining my passion project and the rest are all memories. I will have some footage of when we rode in cars all around the desert. I will definitely have some footage of my school since that was where I was for most of my life. I must must, must, have some footage of when we stayed at a resort in the desert and all you could see was sand going for miles.

I can’t wait to start production and editing.




For my passion project this term I will be collecting a bunch of memories from when I live in Abu Dhabi. I will have travelling memories, school memories, and just every day living memories.

I wanted to do this because  living in Abu Dhabi was a very significant part of my life.

I can’t wait to start collecting the memories and I can’t wait to put the film together.

Editing stage

Editing, editing, editing. This is the hardest part for me personally of the filmmaking experience. I find it fun but I also find it challenging. But in order to finish my passion project I have to overcome these challenges which is exactly what I have done.

Challenge 1: editing in premiere pro is hard for me because the camera I have used is my dads and when I put in the footage it would automatically zoom in on the footage, cutting off the rest of the shot. The way I over came this was by watching a few tutorials on how to fix these type of problems on premiere pro. I will recommend that if you are ever stuck on premiere pro watch a tutorial because usually the problem is fixable.

Challenge 2: Finding my footage and when I say this you may think that this is the easiest part. Well for me it was a totally different story. When my Dad plugged in the USB it wasn’t properly plugged into my laptop. So while the footage was STILL loading the plug fell out. I saw a notice come up on the camera screen saying that all videos have been deleted since the plug feel out. When I read this I was devastated. Luckily my Dad knows more about cameras and laptops than me and figured out a way to solve the problem that I would never have even been able solve. I found out in that challenge that it is fine to ask for help if your not sure.

Those were my main challenges but I didn’t just have challenges I had fun as well. I also learnt heaps about premiere pro. Now my film is finished and I need to move into the feedback stage. I can’t wait to see what my Nan thinks of it (she was the star of the show).

Dr Tim Kitchen

Tim Kitchen came to visit us today. He taught us a lot of things and how to use different adobe programs. He even gave us cool stylist pens if he asked a question and we got the answer right. I think the information he gave is  valuable because we use a lot of adobe programs and his information will help us solve a lot of the problems we currently have with adobe.


#Production stage

Wow. I didn’t know filming with Nan could bring on so many laughs and giggles. I thought it was so much fun cooking and filming with my Nan and Opa. I had lots of successes as well as some bloopers.


I successfully filmed all of my passion project without having to rush and do anything else. I am happy with my filming and happy with the taste of my biscuits. I was also happy with the different ranges of shots I used to make my film look creative.

Not so much successes

As everyone would I had lots of bloopers. And lots of bloopers means a lot of time taken to film the project. We also didn’t have one of the ingredients which was corn flour. So I had to find some scenes I could do without cooking which was extremely hard. I also found I had left out one of the steps that was important but I fixed that in an instant.

I am excited to start the editing phase. I think it will be interesting to see how the project all comes together. And I will need to see if it all fits together!


#Planning Post


This is an image but not just any image. This is an image of the recipe of the cookies I am cooking. Now I am at the planning stage and this recipe is very important. And it was actually one of the hardest parts of the shot list and this is why.

I needed the recipe because I don’t know it off by heart. I have to write in the things I need to say for my voice overs and one of them is the ingredients and the steps. I need to get this part right but I am on track at the moment.

My goal for this planning phase is to complete my shot list and organise a date for the baking session with my Nan.