So I have started and finished my editing. So that is the end of my post.

Actually, I do want to tell how I went on the editing stage. So I went on to premiere ( which always works for me) and I put in  a couple of videos and photos and all was well. Until I put in my music that I had my heart set on putting in. And guess what? It didn’t work.  What a shame I guess I will have to move on from that music. Of course not. That was not working at all so I continued. But instead I moved onto a different programme. Movie maker!! I know people think it is amateur but I would rather a good passion project using movie maker, than a horrible, terrible and just plain bad passion project using adobe premiere.

So that is the end of my editing  . . .  in adobe premiere.

Once I had moved on to movie maker things were smooth sailing. And guess what, it wasn’t bad quality. You can barely tell I used movie maker. I used different transitions and effects that I have never used on premiere. It was actually not that amateur.

That’s my editing post. . . about the editing side of it. The footage side of it was very interesting. Watching myself as a little child felt very strange. Most of it I didn’t even remember. Have you ever felt that feeling before?  Most people have I think but the other thing is where you watch something you remember vividly on tape. It is like you are reliving that moment.

With all these I have put together a passion project that I a very proud of. All I need now is a quote that relates to my life in Abu Dhabi. I think this will put that extra sparkle into my film.

And that is the end of my editing post.  . . for real this time.

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