Triple R Reflection

This Term during out triple R lessons we have been looking at the 16 habits of mind. What is this you may ask. Well this means that we look at interpretation, understanding, and empathy. The activities we did revolved all around these 3 words. Our main focus was Listening with understanding and empathy.

So to start this activity we were given a bunch of instructions to draw something on our whiteboards. When we had finished out masterpieces. We took a gallery walk. I noticed that everyone had similar drawing yet they were different in each way. The positioning of objects were different and simply the look of object were not the same. This proved our interpretation was all different and our picturing in our head was different.

Then we got into small groups and worked on saying sentences with emotion and empathy. I worked with Asha and Maya on this and we worked on the sentence I failed my exam. When it was our turn to present we showed empathy and understanding.

I think it is important to show empathy and understanding in our world. Otherwise the world wouldn’t be a nice place.


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