Billiard Ball Bounces

This project we attempted recently was called Billiard Ball Bounces. We studied the game of pool. Hang on a minute. Not the game pool. The pool table or as some would call it the billiard table.

The rules to this were simple. The ball would start at the bottom left hand corner of the board and we would have to try and get the ball into the hole but wait for it. . . and only using 45 degree angles. We had to find out how many bounces it would take for each different

So with the rules in  mind our class set off on a joined group activity. We attempted to make a giant billiard table and then once we had succeeded we set off drawing similar tables in our books.

Data I collected during the written process.

I worked out not far into the process that there was a pattern that looked like a bunch of squares lined up next to each other. Similar to this one.

I also started to make a formula out of the data I collected.

Maths 300

With the programme on Maths 300 I collected Data on an excel document and I finally worked out a rule I  the end.

length + width -2. This rule only applies if the length and width are odd.

For now this rule helped me find pattern and predict the number of bounces accurately but I still think there is a better rule for this.

I loved all the problem solving and pattern finding in this problem.

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