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Asian elephant draft-21lkf0d

This term we are creating a film  on an endangered species from the s.o.s 10 of our choice. I chose the Asian elephant since I have always loved the animal. And I want to raise lots of awareness for this stunning creature. And when I found out what is happening to this creature I wanted to write a piece about it immediately. And I didn’t know how endangered it was before I looked at the website.

I had already picked my PTC. It is the part where I tell the audience how many elephants we are killing per day. “Sadly it is estimated that they will be extinct by 2020 if we don’t put a stop to the habitat destruction and poaching.” For this line I felt I wanted to say this line in person to get more impact and so I can get my message across really clear. This line also has a fact in it so people can hopefully connect. Hopefully saying this line in front of the camera will make my audience care.

At the moment I am not quite sure about what shots I want to include but I am sure I will include a panning shot of the elephant enclosure. I think I will include a full shot of an elephant, but that could depend on where the elephant is looking at the time. I definitely will include mid shots. The reason I don’t know much about what shots I am going to include is because I am just going to make it up as I go.

I can’t wait to see how the filming turns out on the day.





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