U.A.E culture investigation

During the last two weeks, the year sixes have been working very hard on something. And that something is a culture investigation. You may be wondering what is that. Well that is what I first thought when I took on the project. It is in an investigation on a different culture. Each student was told to chose a country and show what they have learnt about the country on a double page spread. I chose the U.A.E. A country in the middle east. It has a lot of differences to us and I am not just talking about cultural differences.

The U.A.E has some incredible unique clothing which is traditional. We on the other hand do not have any traditional dresses or shirts. Well I guess we do have thongs! And we all know the biggest celebration of the year for us. Christmas!!! Most Australians enjoy some lovely chicken on the bone and platers and platers of salad. Although this is a fun celebration the Arabs do not celebrate Christmas. It is interesting to see what things that we do not have in common but on the other hand interesting to see other cultures unique ways.

With every difference there comes a similarity. Geelong and the U.A.E may be different but we both do have such a multi cultural country. And we may not share the same celebrations but Eid al Ahda and Christmas are quite similar. e-a-a is believed to be the festival of sacrifice. and for us Christmas was when Jesus was born. And we all or should at least all know what the bible is, well the arbs have a holy book called the Quran which is basically their bible.

I have learnt so much during the process of the R.V.E project. I have lived in the U.A.E for four years. That is why I chose to do it for our R.V.E project. but I could never imagine what it would be like living there for my whole life. But what if. . . Maybe if I did I would find it hard to understand the locals. I love their accents but the language would be hard to understand at times. It would be the same if they lived in our country for their life.  I would also find it hard to cope with the heat. I have experienced a top of 56 degrees in the summer. I would love to find out some more of their religions though. It sounds interesting ad the first time I heard about some of their religion I wanted to hear more. I wonder if the Arabs would think our religion was strange.

I have really enjoyed this project. I especially loved learning something new and finding out something different not about my country, but another country. I will carry this information with me for life. I wonder what country I will do next.

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