Editing stage

Editing, editing, editing. This is the hardest part for me personally of the filmmaking experience. I find it fun but I also find it challenging. But in order to finish my passion project I have to overcome these challenges which is exactly what I have done.

Challenge 1: editing in premiere pro is hard for me because the camera I have used is my dads and when I put in the footage it would automatically zoom in on the footage, cutting off the rest of the shot. The way I over came this was by watching a few tutorials on how to fix these type of problems on premiere pro. I will recommend that if you are ever stuck on premiere pro watch a tutorial because usually the problem is fixable.

Challenge 2: Finding my footage and when I say this you may think that this is the easiest part. Well for me it was a totally different story. When my Dad plugged in the USB it wasn’t properly plugged into my laptop. So while the footage was STILL loading the plug fell out. I saw a notice come up on the camera screen saying that all videos have been deleted since the plug feel out. When I read this I was devastated. Luckily my Dad knows more about cameras and laptops than me and figured out a way to solve the problem that I would never have even been able solve. I found out in that challenge that it is fine to ask for help if your not sure.

Those were my main challenges but I didn’t just have challenges I had fun as well. I also learnt heaps about premiere pro. Now my film is finished and I need to move into the feedback stage. I can’t wait to see what my Nan thinks of it (she was the star of the show).

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  1. You most certainly did Zara! A very professionally produced film which I found very entertaining. Looks like you had a lovely time with your Nan also. Great work!

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