Split Point Lighthouse

 Split point Lighthouse stands proud and tall!  But did you know all the things it has been through. It has so many ghost stories, factual stories and recent stories. Would you like to know some of them?

Split point lighthouse was the least of the safety authorities worries. To them they didn’t need any lighthouse at all. Keep in mind this is during the timeframe of the 1800’s. To be precise 1890. Without a lighthouse to guide the ships to shore it was chaos. Finally after ten shipwrecks the safety authorities were prompted To build the Split Point Lighthouse of Aireys Inlet.

The construction of the lighthouse started that same year in 1890 and finished in 1891. The split point lighthouse was complete and stood 34 meters tall and 66 meters above sea level. The lighthouse was built perfectly and flashed four times in 20 seconds. It saved so many ships, but there was just one ship that wasn’t lucky enough.

The Inverlochy was the name of the ship. Everyone was happy on board on their third day until the ship glided into some rough currents. most of the crew survived but the ship was brought into the jagged rocks and the remains of the ship are still below in the deep dark sea.

Ever since that last shipwreck everything has been working fine. Now days the ships make it safely toward the shore

I hope reading my blog post has helped you learn something.

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  1. This is very good Zara; more information regarding film making technique and special effects/ re-enactments would have really enhanced your pitch!

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