Term Reflection

The time has come for this semester and term to come to an end. We have done so many fun things and some maybe not so much but here are […]

Another Round of Passion Project Sharing

What another great round of passion project sharing. I enjoyed watching all the different things people are passionate about. Here is my feedback and thoughts on the passion projects I […]

We have been sharing passion projects with other people today. I can really tell what hard work has gone into these projects. I didn’t get to see many of the […]

Me as a Reader

                                                                                           Me as a Reader. I love to read lots of books in different places. Looks like : Me tucked tight in my bed with my bedside light shining brightly on my […]

Finally at The Editing Stage

  ” This is harder than I thought it would be.” Wow. I was amazed of the things I could achieve and the things I couldn’t during editing. But I […]

A Knights Tour

 This is a grid that is similar to the grids on the knights tour project we have been working with. This project got you thinking about the  you have to use […]

Digital Etiquette

 Today we continued looking at digital etiquette and specifically on digital etiquette. We looked at some different words involving the meaning of digital etiquette. They have got different which I […]

Project Maths Win At The Fair

 Today we worked on a fair based game. We retrieved data on how much money you can win and how much money you can make. We made lots of predictions […]