U.A.E culture investigation

During the last two weeks, the year sixes have been working very hard on something. And that something is a culture investigation. You may be wondering what is that. Well that is what I first thought when I took on the project. It is in an investigation on a different culture. Each student was told to chose a country and show what they have learnt about the country on a double page spread. I chose the U.A.E. A country in the middle east. It has a lot of differences to us and I am not just talking about cultural differences.

The U.A.E has some incredible unique clothing which is traditional. We on the other hand do not have any traditional dresses or shirts. Well I guess we do have thongs! And we all know the biggest celebration of the year for us. Christmas!!! Most Australians enjoy some lovely chicken on the bone and platers and platers of salad. Although this is a fun celebration the Arabs do not celebrate Christmas. It is interesting to see what things that we do not have in common but on the other hand interesting to see other cultures unique ways.

With every difference there comes a similarity. Geelong and the U.A.E may be different but we both do have such a multi cultural country. And we may not share the same celebrations but Eid al Ahda and Christmas are quite similar. e-a-a is believed to be the festival of sacrifice. and for us Christmas was when Jesus was born. And we all or should at least all know what the bible is, well the arbs have a holy book called the Quran which is basically their bible.

I have learnt so much during the process of the R.V.E project. I have lived in the U.A.E for four years. That is why I chose to do it for our R.V.E project. but I could never imagine what it would be like living there for my whole life. But what if. . . Maybe if I did I would find it hard to understand the locals. I love their accents but the language would be hard to understand at times. It would be the same if they lived in our country for their life.  I would also find it hard to cope with the heat. I have experienced a top of 56 degrees in the summer. I would love to find out some more of their religions though. It sounds interesting ad the first time I heard about some of their religion I wanted to hear more. I wonder if the Arabs would think our religion was strange.

I have really enjoyed this project. I especially loved learning something new and finding out something different not about my country, but another country. I will carry this information with me for life. I wonder what country I will do next.

Editing stage

Editing, editing, editing. This is the hardest part for me personally of the filmmaking experience. I find it fun but I also find it challenging. But in order to finish my passion project I have to overcome these challenges which is exactly what I have done.

Challenge 1: editing in premiere pro is hard for me because the camera I have used is my dads and when I put in the footage it would automatically zoom in on the footage, cutting off the rest of the shot. The way I over came this was by watching a few tutorials on how to fix these type of problems on premiere pro. I will recommend that if you are ever stuck on premiere pro watch a tutorial because usually the problem is fixable.

Challenge 2: Finding my footage and when I say this you may think that this is the easiest part. Well for me it was a totally different story. When my Dad plugged in the USB it wasn’t properly plugged into my laptop. So while the footage was STILL loading the plug fell out. I saw a notice come up on the camera screen saying that all videos have been deleted since the plug feel out. When I read this I was devastated. Luckily my Dad knows more about cameras and laptops than me and figured out a way to solve the problem that I would never have even been able solve. I found out in that challenge that it is fine to ask for help if your not sure.

Those were my main challenges but I didn’t just have challenges I had fun as well. I also learnt heaps about premiere pro. Now my film is finished and I need to move into the feedback stage. I can’t wait to see what my Nan thinks of it (she was the star of the show).

Dr Tim Kitchen

Tim Kitchen came to visit us today. He taught us a lot of things and how to use different adobe programs. He even gave us cool stylist pens if he asked a question and we got the answer right. I think the information he gave is  valuable because we use a lot of adobe programs and his information will help us solve a lot of the problems we currently have with adobe.


Reading Rant 15 The Marvels Brian Selznick

 Half drawing half text can tell more of a story than you would think. This book is divided into two. Drawings on one side and the other half writing. But both of the stories link together in some way. Here is the story line I picked up.1766 Billy Marvel was the only one who survived the American shipwreck the kraken starts a job at the theatre in London and since then all the marvel family has been interested in theatre except the youngest of the family. 1990. The writing side of the book.  Joseph wants to find out the history of his past so he runs away from school to his uncle. He meets new friends and new facts and stories about his family.

This book was very creative on the presentation and story line side of things. I think both sides of he stories linked together in a way that I didn’t see coming. There were so many parts of the story I did not see coming. One word to describe this would be unpredictable. But it was not to unpredictable that I could not follow the story line.

I think the genre of this book was adventure. Because there was always something that was happening. I could relate this book to would be the elephant thief. This is because these were both set in olden times and both have adventurous parts .

Overall I will rate this book a 10/10. Brian has done everything possible for this book to be perfect. He even took a risk with writing the book half illustrations and half writing, but everything fitted perfectly like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

#Production stage

Wow. I didn’t know filming with Nan could bring on so many laughs and giggles. I thought it was so much fun cooking and filming with my Nan and Opa. I had lots of successes as well as some bloopers.


I successfully filmed all of my passion project without having to rush and do anything else. I am happy with my filming and happy with the taste of my biscuits. I was also happy with the different ranges of shots I used to make my film look creative.

Not so much successes

As everyone would I had lots of bloopers. And lots of bloopers means a lot of time taken to film the project. We also didn’t have one of the ingredients which was corn flour. So I had to find some scenes I could do without cooking which was extremely hard. I also found I had left out one of the steps that was important but I fixed that in an instant.

I am excited to start the editing phase. I think it will be interesting to see how the project all comes together. And I will need to see if it all fits together!


#Planning Post


This is an image but not just any image. This is an image of the recipe of the cookies I am cooking. Now I am at the planning stage and this recipe is very important. And it was actually one of the hardest parts of the shot list and this is why.

I needed the recipe because I don’t know it off by heart. I have to write in the things I need to say for my voice overs and one of them is the ingredients and the steps. I need to get this part right but I am on track at the moment.

My goal for this planning phase is to complete my shot list and organise a date for the baking session with my Nan.


Reading rant 14 Dear Pakistan Rosanne Hawke




Jaimie (year 11) has been living In Pakistan for most of her life even though she was born in Australia. But when she returns to her birth country (Australia) to she struggles to fit in and find friends . She finds it really hard to even find positives about her home country. She struggles to find the right things to do in that culture, since it is meant to be hers.

This book shows a fair bit of cultural difference which makes the message really powerful. There were so many well used words that felt like it belonged to the story. Every word was used well to describe feelings, people, senses and so many other things . Sometimes I felt I was confused with the jump from a story the main character was writing and her own story.

This genre is fiction but when I say fiction I don’t mean fantasy. Anyone who likes reading young adults books and anyone who can take advanced themes can read this book.

Overall I will rate this book an 8/10. It had a great story line but it was hard to tell what was not part of the story and what wasn’t.

Split Point Lighthouse

 Split point Lighthouse stands proud and tall!  But did you know all the things it has been through. It has so many ghost stories, factual stories and recent stories. Would you like to know some of them?

Split point lighthouse was the least of the safety authorities worries. To them they didn’t need any lighthouse at all. Keep in mind this is during the timeframe of the 1800’s. To be precise 1890. Without a lighthouse to guide the ships to shore it was chaos. Finally after ten shipwrecks the safety authorities were prompted To build the Split Point Lighthouse of Aireys Inlet.

The construction of the lighthouse started that same year in 1890 and finished in 1891. The split point lighthouse was complete and stood 34 meters tall and 66 meters above sea level. The lighthouse was built perfectly and flashed four times in 20 seconds. It saved so many ships, but there was just one ship that wasn’t lucky enough.

The Inverlochy was the name of the ship. Everyone was happy on board on their third day until the ship glided into some rough currents. most of the crew survived but the ship was brought into the jagged rocks and the remains of the ship are still below in the deep dark sea.

Ever since that last shipwreck everything has been working fine. Now days the ships make it safely toward the shore

I hope reading my blog post has helped you learn something.

Reading Rant 13 Boy Overboard By Morris Gleitzman

Brother and sister Jamal and Bibi love to play soccer in their home in Afghanistan. They love their home until they have to leave due to war time and illegal jobs sports and rules. The family of four set on a journey in hope to one day reach Australia and live a happy life with no worries and to be free form all the war.

I liked this story. I think it had quite a clear and inspiring message the whole way through the book. It also gave me a sense of reality while I was reading this book which made me feel several different emotions. The only constructive or negative criticism was sometimes it was hard to tell if the main character was dreaming. But other than that it was a really interesting read.

If I was to compare this book to another it would definitely compare it to one of Morris gleitzman’s previous books “Once” since they are both based on war times and are both written in a similar style. The genre I would pick for this book would be adventure and sometimes I put it into the category of suspense and people who love those types of genres then this book would be for you. But I would advise people who don’t like getting to emotional to not read this book.

Overall I will rate this book a 9/10. I hope Morris Gleitzman keeps writing incredible stories that take you on an amazing journey.



My First Check Point With My Passion Project

 My passion  project is going to be about. . . Baking traditional Austrian cookies. Since I have a huge passion for baking and my Opa is Austrian I thought I would combine the two and create traditional biscuits called vanillekipferl that my Nan and Opa and I usually bake at Christmas. I am going to be making a film on how to cook them. If you want to know more read my next blog post.