August 19

The Lost Princess

Lucy encountered bully’s taking her phone and stealing her password and they were able to get onto her profile and say mean things to other people so they think Lucy is writing it and they also got her personal thing.

She lost her friends and the bullies stole her personal information. People also had bad thoughts about her.

Lucy’s dad called the cops and the cops told her that what they did was bullying.

Lucy could have avoided the bully’s by not putting her password on her phone or she could have locked her phone and put it away or she could have told a teacher.

we should always keep our password safe from other people and not to tell anyone my password.


June 19

DC Cartoons

Today in DC cartoons we looked at some cartoons and we laughed at them but then we spoke about the message in it. once we spoke about the message we realised what they were trying to say.

people found some of the cartoons funny at the start because the cartoons were weird. one of the cartoons had long noses which made people laugh.

I thought that the message was we should get of our phones and pay more attention to other people than your phone.

this message is important because we should all get of our phone and live a good life.

I still find this cartoon funny but it is not as funny as before. knowing what the message was changed my mind about it.

May 28

Digital Etiquette

Netiquette is the correct way to act on the internet. Flaming/Flame wars. Flame wars is when someone starts a argument online and some times a (Troll) starts the argument. A Troll is when random people on the internet start searching around for people to start a argument or a flame war. Anonymous is someone with a hidden identity. communicating clearly which is not using no caps also not using abbreviation and appropriate language. when Tim says when your message is out it’s out he means that once you send it you can never get it back or stop it from going viral.