November 6

Fay’s 9 reflection

  1. In Fay’s 9 we had to get three 3 digit numbers that add up to 999. and we had a box that looked like this
  2. When we started playing with this my group decided just to scramble the numbers around. when we couldn’t scramble them around any more we started to carry some numbers to make 999.
  3. My group found that the units had to equal 19 tens had to equal 18 and hundreds have to equal 8.
  4. Our problem is already in manageable parts
  5. We got as far as finding all 180 solutions. for the last par we found that 180 divided by 5 =36 and we got the 5 because their were 5 different combinations and there is 36 solutions with 1 combination.
  6. This project was hard because finding a pattern was pretty challenging. finding a strategy was hard as well but in the end we found that we did guess and check and then we moved onto finding a pattern.

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