June 8


lesson 1

This is the losing game board that we played as a class. We were the stall owner and we were trying to get people to play our game. We sold each game for a dollar and we were trying to make money off them by them playing our game. They won because they hit the big jackpot (5 dollars) to many times. The data that we collected was we made 149 dollars and they made 336.40 dollars so in total we lost 187.40 dollars.

lesson 2

After seeing our game board and knowing it didn’t work we made our own game board on maths 300. We were told to play 1,000 games and design our game board. We had to make the game board enticing so people would play it and we would have to put a jackpot in so people would play it.

lesson 3

This is my first game board that i made we had to design a enticing board so the customers would play it and we would make a prophet. The blue part on the second board is a water stream if  you land on it you move two tiles ahead. And if you land on the grass you move one space back.

lesson 4

After lesson 3 we put our game into maths 300. What I did in my game is I put all the numbers as 1 dollar and i saw which tile was hit the most and hit the least. I put the highest number were it was least hit and i put the lowest jackpot were it got hit the most so then the results looked like these

This trial didn’t work to well i only made 100 dollars

This trial that i tried failed they made over 300 dollars 

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