November 20

First Lego League

I was in the First Lego League with my team we had to build our own robot and design it so it could do a few programs. We went to a comp in Melbourne on the 19th October to compete against 39 teams. This is the program for the tap

What this program is doing is it drives forward until it sensors black. Then it runs forward into the tap and it fills it up then it reverses back to base.

This is our other program that did the pump the filter and the rain.

November 2


my prediction is that all the colours will get around the same amount of points  because the spinner groups are the equal amount of space

these are my results far of what i thought we had to spin it 40 times to get the total and green won with 10 point red 2nd with 9 points 3rd pink with 7 points and yellow came last with 4 points