May 17

Rube Goldberg

This week is Rube Goldberg week in design. Every 2nd  week we do Rube Goldberg stuff. This week we started a design for our Rube Goldberg .We work with 2 other people we had to come up with 3 different simple machines. And if you use the same one 2 times the 2nd time one doesn’t count. After that we had to fine line it and make it look pretty. Tomorrow we will start making our Rube Goldberg machines.

we finished making our design and we started making our rube Goldberg machine. My group we all had to choose a simple machine to make and I made a zip line. I made it out of wire and a tin can. First it made a high pitch noise so I had to put stickey tape on so it wouldn’t make the sound (It worked). We set up our rube Goldberg machine and we only got half of it done.

May 8

Lego Robotics

This week we started robotics and robotics is a group of 3 people who have to build a Lego robot and make it work. So of course I did it and my group was a very good group I am happy with it. Before we started making the robot we did a little activity were we got a piece of paper and had to wright some commands down and change it to a short command like this we have to wright it very spesificly this is an example lift left arm up 90 degrees – LL_AU_90. after that we started building the robot yay this is what it looked like

Image result for lego mindstorm starter kit builtNext week I am pretty sure we are making the extension parts and we might programme it so that will be fun but that’s all.

today in design we did robots we had a task that the teachers gave us we got onto a app called (EV3 programing) we started a program and what we did is we had to program our robots to go to one side then back to the start this is a video we took of our robotIMG_1975-2bce9h4

This session we put on a sensor the light sensor

The light sensor