April 20

Angles Investigation

Today in maths we started a app and we used these two apps in the app we played angles – straight line first with a partner I played with Saul you had a line in the middle of the page and you would move it around there was a line under the line that you moved around with so you can see what I mean I will just show you a photo

April 15

Term One Reflections

We have ended term one of school. And now it is Easter holidays but that is not I am talking about. On the last day of school the teacher told us we had to do a blog post on term one so here we go.

Term one was a great term it started the year of great. We did so many things like building our marble roller, our roller coaster, getting our computers and starting our first blog. And these are only some of the things we did. It was great finding out who our teacher was and our class mates. My favourite part of term 1 was probably making the roller coaster with my team mates.