March 31

Our Don Bradman Book Reflection

This book is a true story and it is a diary from victor McDonald. not like the fast food shop (I’m loving it) Anyway the blog post is about this book. This book is mainly about don Bradman. He is was the best cricket player in  Australia

until he passed away. He started cricket in 1927 and retired in 1935. Victor McDonald was around 10 and he was a good friend with don Bradman. Australia’s most known person. Victor has a whole diary filled in I tried to do that once but I only did one day. This book was written in the middle of the great depression

that’s all I’m going to wright.

March 21

Just A Dog book reflection

                                                                                                                                            Today in class we finished reading a book called Just A Dog. It was a sad book at the end but I will not spoil it. This book really grabs the reader. It doesn’t get boring and it explains the story well with details. and if you love dogs you would love this book. when you finish a chapter you really want to keep on reading because it has fun and exhilarating chapters to it. the best part of the book was the chapter called Mr Mosley’s story it’s about when he got a fish hook stuck in he’s mouth and things happened to him and that was a sad part of the story. the end

March 15


Today in maths we played Addo. We all got in a group of three and played a game. We did it on our computer with this programme called maths 300. We all put in a few numbers (9) and we all played a game the computer did it automatically. We did 100 games these are some photos of our score .   these are all the scores. We all used our best bored to try and win the most games. My group is Max, me Leo and Lulu. In most of the games for all of us max won.