February 26

Roller Coaster

26/02/2017 Session 1

This term in design we were told to do a second project of a roller coaster so we did they provide the materials that we can use for our roller coaster we are using tubes for the ball/ball bearings we have to include a loop d loop and a few humps and then you can do what ever you want to do with the roller coaster. Of course there has to be a way to get speed for our ball bearings to do the loop d loop so of course we can’t  start from the ground up so we make a support that can hold up the tracks. I have an idea that probably no one else has but i am not going to say anything it might work but it might not so hopefully works. This is my design  

01/03/2017 Session 2

Today we figured out what we are using for our roller coasters. We are using these see-through tubes for the ball to go through. They are quit bendy and flexible. In our design we have to say all the details about the roller coaster. Like were the start is. Were the finish is. And say that gravity gives the ball speed. And friction keeps the ball on the ground. We still haven’t started the roller coaster so i am really existed for us to start building it.

03/03/2017 Session 3

Today in design we started making our roller coasters. We could make it in a group or by your self. I started by my self but then I joined a group. We started making it with masking tape but then Mr Colbert said that we are using to much tape so he got a bunch of Kinects for the frames. These are the tubs of Kinects

10/03/2017 Session 4

Today we made a loop in our design session. We made frames to hold the loop up. This is the photo of the loop.  And these are most of the materials that we are using.  We have 6 people in our group (we have the biggest group) after we made the loop we were told to throw away some of our martials away. This is a video that inspired me in our roller coaster.


14/03/2017 Session 5

Today in design we set up our roller coaster. And we thought that we could maybe add more to it. so we all came up with an idea in our design books. We all showed each other what we did and they were all like the same. so we started to find tubes and other things. After a little bit we couldn’t find much so we had to make do.

16/03/2017 Session 6

Today we set up our roller coaster first so we didn’t get the right marble that would fit. We had a little experiment with the marbles. We had big and small ones but they just didn’t fit. So we had to update our design we couldn’t find much extra things. We went to the store room and we found some extra parts to go with our roller coaster.

17/03/2017 Session 7

Today we started a whole new roller coaster. And we had to start a new. design This is a photo of our  design and roller coaster.   And this is a video of the making of the roller coaster. IMG_1698-2h01pc3

20/03/2017 Session 8

today we joined with a group like every other group. And we made it bigger but we are still trying to figure out how to put it together. We have to make the bottom of our roller coaster level with the top of the other roller coaster.

22/03/2017 Session 9

today we found out what to use to make the roller coaster taller (Mrs Watson told us what to use). we emptied out one of the pencil case boxes and we put it under the roller coaster and it was tall enough. it fit right in to the tube.

February 23

Cereal Box Marble Run

For our first term of design we were told to make a marble run out of a cereal box. At first I thought can we even do that?

We were told to bring in a cereal box, so I did but some people didn’t but that didn’t matter because we had 35 extra boxes. With firmness we were told we were only allowed to use 30cm of masking tape (which is almost nothing), a pair of scissors and the front part of the cereal box for the slope/ramps. First of all we were told to make a design/plan before we commenced construction. We made 2 marble runs each. The 1st marble run we could make was whatever we wanted to be but with the 2nd one we were instructed to make it as slow we could. Mine is relatively fast but it takes what I think it takes a longish time. Click the link for the video of my marble run.

My Movie-2-276jq9l


February 21

Just a Dog

Image result for just a dog

this term we are reading a book called just a dog in class it is about a dog called Mr Moseley and a boy called Corey doing all random things and lots of weird things happen

We were told to answer a few question so we did like. What is happening to dad? in one seen it is sad Mr Mosley gets a hook in his mouth but I am not going to say anything more about that part if you want to read it just buy the book or borrow it from the library?

it is a good book.