June 6


This year I have learnt many things.

Every living thing that comes here has a story. And some  are good and bad ?so check out the story. My thinking has changed from this  because it told me that the things that come here have something to learn about. good things and bad things

I have noticed that when I came to enviro  year I relised that the outdoors is much better than indoors. When you go outside you learn lot’s more things. Then  you come back to the real world and enjoy the outdoors. Like when I started to go outdoors more I relies that I was having so much fun than inside. A child in the USA was on the news and said that he likes the indoors because that’s were all the electronics are.

Not so long ago around 5weeks ago Martin Scufin’s came in with three birds. All birds a prey there was  a barn owl ,a nankeen kestrel and a Australian hobby. They were all very interesting. To me the birds changed my thinking because I really like birds and I learnt a lot more and you can train them quite easy.

Nude food.?????? nude food is what we do in enviro year. Nude food is when you pack  you lunch but with no plastic wrapper. Why do we do this because it helps our environment it won’t kill our plant and animals. And we are animals to you know. When I started doing nude food I used way less plastic and now sometimes my hole family does it.

We just had coolest critter not so long ago the silver eye was the coolest critter for 2016. I did the platypus.platypusLg  In the coolest critter comp I learnt many thing about all the animals that were presented like the golden orb spider.The reason why it is called the golden orb spider is because there web is golden!

At the end of this year I hope I learn much more things.

By Leo Colls.