June 19

DC Cartoons

Today in DC cartoons we looked at some cartoons and we laughed at them but then we spoke about the message in it. once we spoke about the message we realised what they were trying to say.

people found some of the cartoons funny at the start because the cartoons were weird. one of the cartoons had long noses which made people laugh.

I thought that the message was we should get of our phones and pay more attention to other people than your phone.

this message is important because we should all get of our phone and live a good life.

I still find this cartoon funny but it is not as funny as before. knowing what the message was changed my mind about it.

June 18


My passion project was difficult because taking all the photos with out moving the camera and making sure that the Plasticine wouldn’t fall and break. I had some technical issues with putting all the photos together. when you put all the photos in adobe premier each photo shows for 5 seconds. I took 448 photos which means the film would have gone for 38 hours. so I had to make each photo go for 0.05 seconds but all the photos split up when i changed them but i found out how to put them together in 1 go so now my project is finished 

June 8


lesson 1

This is the losing game board that we played as a class. We were the stall owner and we were trying to get people to play our game. We sold each game for a dollar and we were trying to make money off them by them playing our game. They won because they hit the big jackpot (5 dollars) to many times. The data that we collected was we made 149 dollars and they made 336.40 dollars so in total we lost 187.40 dollars.

lesson 2

After seeing our game board and knowing it didn’t work we made our own game board on maths 300. We were told to play 1,000 games and design our game board. We had to make the game board enticing so people would play it and we would have to put a jackpot in so people would play it.

lesson 3

This is my first game board that i made we had to design a enticing board so the customers would play it and we would make a prophet. The blue part on the second board is a water stream if  you land on it you move two tiles ahead. And if you land on the grass you move one space back.

lesson 4

After lesson 3 we put our game into maths 300. What I did in my game is I put all the numbers as 1 dollar and i saw which tile was hit the most and hit the least. I put the highest number were it was least hit and i put the lowest jackpot were it got hit the most so then the results looked like these

This trial didn’t work to well i only made 100 dollars

This trial that i tried failed they made over 300 dollars 

May 28

Digital Etiquette

Netiquette is the correct way to act on the internet. Flaming/Flame wars. Flame wars is when someone starts a argument online and some times a (Troll) starts the argument. A Troll is when random people on the internet start searching around for people to start a argument or a flame war. Anonymous is someone with a hidden identity. communicating clearly which is not using no caps also not using abbreviation and appropriate language. when Tim says when your message is out it’s out he means that once you send it you can never get it back or stop it from going viral.

May 21


I have achieved making my character and my sets. I have learnt more about our solar system like the order and size of the planets. I found it hard keeping the Plasticine clean and fingerprint free and i created my character in the end. my next step is creating the scenery and filming.

April 29


Clay + animation = claymation

For my passion protect I am doing a clay animation. The reason I am doing what i chose is because i love doing    stop motion and i really want to show what i can do with clay and stop motion.

April 26

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

I believe that Birke Baehr was trying to tell his audience to eat organic to save our world from bad chemicals that they use for our food, also so we eat healthier.

Birke always had a clear and strong voice so the audience could hear him. And Birke used hand gestures but used them to much. Like the other TED talks he let the audience laugh and Birke wouldn’t speak over them, and he said thank you to stop them laughing.

Birke used a microphone a speaker and a projector to help show what he was presting.

He always had eye contact with his audience and instead of just staying in the one spot he moved around a bit.

April 23

Richard Turere’s TED Talk

I believe that Richards message was that there are other ways to stop animals from eating there live stock instead of killing them.

Richard practised his lines and he never used a script to help him out. He talked clearly into the mic the whole way through the talk. Richard let the audience laugh and he wouldn’t talk over them like Thomas  from the last TED talk.

To help make the message clear Richard used a microphone and a projector.

Richard used the right photos on the projector and he timed the photos with what he was saying.

April 17

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

I understand that one of Thomas’s main messages was to encourage kids to make and design their own apps so other people can play them. Thomas convinces the audience that kids are smarter than teachers with technology.

Thomas always had eye contact with the audience and used lots of hand gestures. Sometimes he would make a joke but not go away from the subject. He let the audience laugh and he didn’t talk over them.

To help get the message to the audience, Thomas used a microphone, iPad and a projector.

Thomas used the screen behind him well by not putting anything too distracting for the audience. The iPad in his hand was only notes to tell him what to talk about.