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Reading Rant ”Demon Dentist” By David Williams.

This book is about a little boy named Alfie and a demon dentist. Alfie had very bad teeth. Alfie had to go to the dentist but he really did not want to go to the dentist. Before he went to the dentist he found out that the dentist was taking children’s teeth and changing them for……….

To find out what happens be sure to read the book. I would rate this book a 4.5 out of 5. I would also recommend this book for people who like funny books, but this book is quite long so if you prefer shorter books this might be a bit too long.

Refugee Ending

book-cover-refugeeThis term we have been reading Refugee as our class book. This is a book about Ali. The book is a diary of Ali’s life. Ali is a boy who is a refugee. He lives in Afghanistan, but he had to move and leave his whole family behind because the Taliban came for him and other boys in Afghanistan. He found his way to Australia on a boat. The Australian Navy saw the boat and tried to turn them around. It was really scary for Ali and the people on the boat. Ali was then sent to the Woomera detention centre along with lots of others.

I felt sorry for Ali, and some of the people from Woomera. I liked this book but it was sad some times. Some of the things they did at Woomera were really bad. One of the mums sewed her lips together. I would not normally read a book like this. I also thought it was very long. I didn’t know much about how a refugee lived before reading the book.

I was kind of surprised with the ending because it ended very quickly. Ali was helping a man at a market and then the man called the police and Ali was locked up. I felt that there should be another book as the ending made me want to know more and what will happened next to Ali. I hope he got out and had freedom.

A King In Hiding

Last term in Library we had to choose a refugee book to read over the holidays. I choose “A King In Hiding”.

This is a book about a little boy called Fahim and his dad called Nura. Nura used to play chess Fahim was interested so he started to play at the age of eight. His dad taught him how to play. He then took up chess. He was really good and won some of the championships. Everyone knew who he was, he was even in the newspaper. Because he was so good at chess, people wanted to kill him in his sleep so they had to move away. He originally lived in Bangladesh and he is Muslim.

Nura and Fahim went to France, leaving their family behind because they didn’t have enough money for everyone to move. In France they tried to get a Visa so they could stay in the country. They tried three or four times but it was declined. Every 2 weeks Fahim called the homeless helpline and begged for them to be allowed to stay in their hostel. Each time they were allowed to stay for another 2 weeks. Fahim called because his dad did not speak good French.  While this was happening Fahim was playing chess and going to school. He didn’t like school but he was good at it. Nura went to French lessons but he didn’t pick it up as quickly as Fahim.

Xavier, the coach of the chess club asked Fahim to come to his club. They had met at one of the championships back in Bangladesh. He started training with Xavier as his trainer.

One week when he called the homeless helpline the whole building was kicked out and Fahim and Nura had to live on the streets. One of his friends offered to take only Fahim in but they didn’t have room for Nura. His dad then found somewhere to live also but it was a different  place to Fahim. They would meet up after school but they didn’t really talk to each other because they were so sad that they were living apart.

Fahim was not allowed to enter the French chess championships until he had lived in the country for 3 years. Once the 3 years was up, Fahim entered the French championships. Nura could not afford to go. Xaviers mum died so he couldn’t go either so he watched on livestream from home. Fahim won the championship. The prize was a big trophy and a trip to the European championships. He was really sad because he couldn’t afford to go and because he didn’t have a French visa and he couldn’t travel without a Visa.

Xavier was feeling really sad for Fahim so he let people know on Facebook about Fahim not being able to go to the European championships. Everyone wanted to help Fahim and his dad. The Mayor saw the public support and arranged for their visa to be approved. So they could live in France forever and  he could work to earn money. He could also then go to the European championships.

Overall I think this was a good book but I would probably never have chosen it because I like to read fiction. I learnt that lots of people don’t live like we do and are not as lucky as us. Some parts of the book were really sad and I felt like I wanted to cry.


This term my class has been learning about refugees. By doing this we have been reading the book Refugee. This book is about a kid Ali he is 14. Today we had to draw a picture of what we imagined the text looked like in a drawing. We were allowed to do detail in pencil or a pretty picture. Here is my picture.


In this picture there is a little boat in the bottom left corner. This is the refugees boat. Their boat has a hole in it and they are slowly sinking. In the top right corner there is a big boat, in it are some of the Australian soldiers. In the middle is the ocean and there is a quote from the book. It says…… ” We all thought that the grey ship would sink us with the waves it was making, or that it would simply sail away and let us die here”.

I chose this quote because it reminds me of how hard it can be for a refugee. It also makes me think about how hard it would be if I was in that situation. I drew this picture because that’s the image I had in my head and what I thought was happening. I feel that in the little boat it shows that there are lots of refugees and the big boat does not have any people yet. In this story it could mean the big boat is Australia and the little boat is a poor country. The big boat looks new and well looked after but the little boat looks old and run down.

Me Book

The last few weeks we have been making a Me Book. A Me Book is a book about you as a person. We got to make a book that was four pages long and a front and back cover. It was our choice what we wanted in it. We also got to choose how we wanted to make it. I chose to do it on book creator. Book Creator is an app on our laptops, it makes it easer to make a book. You could hand draw and write it if you wanted to. On my first page it said this = My favourite sport is Calisthenics. Page 2 = My favourite hobby is Circus. Page 3 = My favourite colour is purple. Page 4 = My favourite movie is Minions. After our book was printed and stapled together we had to choose three people that we did not know very well. I chose Evie, Takoda and Grace. We then had to write down at least two things about them that we did not know.


Evie = Favourite Food = Choclate Mousse. Is happy when = with animals and people.

Takoda = Favourite movie = Star Wars. Favourite musical = Matilda.

Grace = Favourite sport = Horse riding and Teeball. Favourite Food = Pizza.

Overall I learnt alot of things about alot of people. I really liked learning about other people.

Black Water 2

Is it ok for Brodie to keep the truth inside forever ?

Book cover BlackwaterI don’t think it is ok for him to keep it for himself because him might feel guilty. If someone finds out he’s secret he will be in big big trouble because everyone thinks it was Otis that pushed Pauline into the river. I still don’t really know if Otis is alive or not but I think he is alive. He might just be coming back but we have not read that far yet so he might be dead just like Pauline. Alex might have written the note with TELL on it. He might have had his own note book. I think Brodie should look through Alex’s bags to see if he actually has his own note book. If Alex did write the note I don’t know why he would because he did not want Brodie to tell anyone. Maybe he wanted to be nicer to Brodie so Brodie would want him to stay at their house like they were brothers not just cousins.

The Butterfly Lion

book cover

This year the grade fives have been split up into book groups. We got to choose out of a few books. I choose The Butterfly Lion because I thought it had a good front cover and when I opened up to a random page it was really interesting, I wanted to keep reading. We then started to read the book. I am not going to tell you everything but just recently this is what has happened. The main characters are Bertie and a School boy but we don’t know his name yet.


The boy goes to a boarding school and he gets bullied and doesn’t like it one little bit. So one day he finally decides to sneak out. When he was getting out of school he was very very careful not to be seen and to be as quick as possible. Once he had climbed the fence his plan was to run all the way round through the bushes without being caught and to get to the train station. On his way he bumped into an old lady. The old lady had a dog with her and she seemed very welcoming so he went to her house. They sat in the warmest room of the house, the kitchen. She had just made scones and tea. She offered him some. When he was sitting down he looked out the window and saw a blue lion on the hill. He told the old lady and she knew who it was. She said it was The Butterfly Lion. She then said I will tell you the story of him, and that is all I have read.


Here are some questions I have now……..


What is the school boys name?


How does the old lady know the story so well?


What is the old lady’s name?


I think the next chapter will have a lot about the story in it. I am really excited to read the rest of the book. I am also looking forward to see how it ends.


Demon Dentist

Lately I have been reading Demon Dentist. It is written by David Walliams. The main character in the book is Alfie. Here is a photo of Alfie. Alfie is a little boy who has very very bad teeth.

demon dentistI am not going to explain the whole book but in the last few chapters this is what has happened. Alfie went to the Dentist and was put to sleep. When Alfie woke up he looked in the mirrow and what did he see, nothing, Alfie saw nothing, no teeth at all. He went to the newsagent which is where his friend worked. His name is Raj. Raj gave him some fake teeth and that is all I have read.

I am very excited to read the next chapter.


Blackwater – TELL

Book cover Blackwater5B have been reading a class book called Blackwater. This book is about a boy called Brodie. Brodie has a friend called John. On the hoildays they were planning a camping trip but when Alex’s Mum and Dad were having a fight and getting in a divorce, Alex got sent down to his cousins Brodie’s house. John and Brodies trip was cancelled because of Alex. Brodie was not being very nice to his cousin because of their camping trip. Brodie was also going on a date with a girl called Pauline, they were going to the movies but because of Alex that was cancelled as well as the trip.


A few chapters later ……………

Brodie started to be a lot nicer to Alex so early one morning he tried to teach Alex how to swim. Out on the mushroom was Pauline and Otis. Otis is a boy from school. They saw the towels of Otis and Pauline and their thongs on the shore. At this time Brodie was very angry because it was kind of like they were out on a date. Brodie and Alex hid their stuff in a near-by hole that they found. They were out on the mushroom and Brodie got so angry that he went out in the pond. The mushroom was in the middle of the pond and the black water which is very fast flowing. Brodie left Alex on land and he went out in the cold water. When he got there he was careful that no one saw him. He was now hiding under the mushroom. All he could see was Paulines feet hanging down off the mushroom. Otis and Pauline were talking when suddenly Brodie started pulling her feet so Otis also started to pull. Pauline fall in the water and yelled out loud “stop pulling me”. After that happend Brodie stopped pulling her but Otis had a good grip of her. When she got back up on the mushroom she slipped and fell in the black water as well as holding on tight to Otis. Brodie told Alex to wait there, Brodie was swimming back very very fast because he thought they were chasing him. We did not know yet that they were in the black water. Alex was yelling out  something but Brodie could not hear a word over the rushing water. When Brodie looked back Pauline and Otis were not there. Alex was yelling out they are in the black water. So Brodie went to go and save them by running around the pond to death island.


When he got there he could not find them as they had been washed further than death island. He could not save them now it was too late. The water was going too fast and it was too dangerous. Brodie was injured and he had scratches everywhere. Suddenly a car came, it was someone that he knew. They helped Brodie to shore and rang his parents.

Once his parents were there a police officer was also there to get all the information about the story. Alex told the police what happened but he lied, he made it sound like it was all Otis’s fault. Before they knew it someone saw the real thing happen and they called the police. A few days later there was a big search down the river to see if they could find Pauline and Otis. But all they found was Pauline’s dead body. That night a news reporter came to Brodie’s house and asked the boys what happend. When the news reporter left a few minutes later the door bell went off. There was no one there but a plastic bag. In the plastic bag was the two towels and three thongs. Brodie’s mum and dad thought that they must have been the boys towels and shoes. That someone had thought it was theirs but it was not.

A few days later Brodie woke up early to go down to the river. He was not telling anyone that he was going, not even Alex. When he was down there, Otis’s mum was down there walking along the path for a while he was talking to her. Brodie did not want to talk to her because she might think he did something. When she went back home he bumped into Bat girl. They called her Bat girl because her dad studied bats and sometimes she went with him. Her name is Hannah. Hannah lived just around the corner from the pond. As they walked along the path Hannah was saying how much she did not like people who lied and that was making him fell very guilty about what he did. When she finally left him he saw the police car. He opened the car door and under the seat was a letter printed on it was BRODIE. Brodie opened the letter inside said in big bold letters TELL.

What did it mean? What will happen next?

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