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Lesson 1

Today we were given the option of witch skill we wanted to learn how to do. The skills where kicking a footy ”a punt” and a two hand strike ”hitting a tee ball”. I chose the two hand strike because I want to learn how to bit the ball higher into the air. I also want to improve my technique. Here is a video of me from lesson one doing the two hand strike.


Lesson 2

Today we had 10- 15minutes to read a page that said a few skills for us to work on in our F.M.S. As you already know I choose the two handed strike. The skill I choose to work on was fowling through when hitting the ball. I choose this because I watched by video back and saw that I was not really fowling though after hitting the ball. We then got into partners and had a go at focusing on that skill. My partner was Mia. She said that I was trying harder to follow through when hitting the ball. After the ten minutes was over we played a game that envolved the two handed strike and fielding. This was to continue getting better at our chosen skill.


Lesson 3

My chosen skill was the two handed strike.

Three Teaching Points for my skill for today’s lesson.

– Eyes on the ball.

-Follow through after hitting the ball.

-Hitting under the ball so that it goes higher.

Today, working in a pair you are going to film a demonstration of your skill. You will attempt the skill 2 times and then review the footage.

Observing my skill from the iPad footage.


Am I successfully demonstrating the three teaching points in this footage?

I think I did attempt those three teaching points. I think I did keep my eyes on the ball. I think I improved on following through but could still be better. I think on one of my hits I did hit the ball from underneath so it went a little bit higher that the other one.

After that we then put our skills into action by playing a few games.

The first game we played was inside and we played a mix between baseball and cricket. There was two teams and one was fielding and the other was batting. When you were batting there was three different tees. You went along the line and bit one at a time. While you were hitting them the fielding team was not allowed to move. But they were allowed to pivot on the spot and move their hands to try and catch the ball. After all three balls had been hit the other team was allowed to run to go and get the balls. They had to put all three of the balls on the tees so that the batting person stoped. After you hit the third ball you then had to drop the bat and run. You had to run from one cone to another cone. Once the other team had placed all three balls back on the tees you had to stop running. After everyone in your team had, had a turn at batting the two team would swap and so on. The winning team at the end of the game was the team that scored the most runs. This helped us practice our technique and our chosen skill.

We then had a little practice at kicking the footy and handballing it outside.

The second game that we played was outside. It was to do with the punt, and to improve the skill. We had little races in small teams to kick, mark and handball the ball to the end of the oval. A few of the rounds my team won. While we were doing the races every person in the group had to kick the ball at least once. This was to practice and improve our skills.

We then had a Boys VS Girls challenge. But the girls also had Mr. Colbert on their team to help them. The race was everyone had to touch the ball at least once and it had to get down to the very end of the oval. Our team plan was for Mr. Colbert to kick the ball as far as he could down to all of us girls and then we would all touch the ball while Mr. Colbert ran down to us to grab the ball again and kick it back up to the top of the oval. We started running back up to the top of the oval when he was kicking the ball. Our plan worked and we won! The boys were very slow.

After that it was the end of the lesson.

Lesson 4

Today in P.E we got into groups of three. One person was doing the two handed strike [me] and the other two were doing the punt. We then got one of the school iPads. One person filmed. I was the person that filmed the other people in my group. Our task was to talk about a few key teaching points about our skill on camera, and then do our skill [the two handed strike]. In my video I talked about having your feet lined up with the tee, hands together and having the tee at belly button level. I then did the skill. After the video that we did we then tried to upload our videos onto OneDrive. Sadly mine did not work. But because I was watching another group do it I now know how to do it.

Lesson 5

This is me hitting the ball again.

Two handed strike

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