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Allegro Day

FlutesOn Tuesday the grade fives had a day at senior school. We went there at the end of Homeroom.

The first thing that we did was split up into instrument groups. At the start of the year we all had a go at all of the instruments to see what we wanted to play for the rest of the year. There was Flute, Trumpet, Trombone, Strings, Wind and brass and finally clarinet. Only two of the classes got to do clarinate because the teacher was not available for my class. We then got put into groups. I play the Flute.

When we split up into our instrument groups we went through all of the songs we were going to play in the concert. We did have a concert at the end of the Allegro day. Once we had practiced the songs we thought about what we could do to make them better.

We then got given some music to learn. It was a very small piece of music and it was quite easy. We played a game with this piece of music.  In the game we had to play the music a lot of times and the other instrument groups had to guess what we were playing so tar’s and tee tees and what note it was. So on with all of the other groups. We did not win but I did have fun and we did not have as much help as the other groups did. After this we had a snack break.

Once this was over we had another practise in our groups. When we did this we had a full group practise. We had a few more practices as a whole group and then we were ready. So we took a lunch break. After that there was one more run through and then we had the concert. Overall I had a very good day and my favroute thing we did was the concert.

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