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Year 12 Create Project

Today the grade 5s went to senior school to have a look at the year 12 create exhibition.

The year 12s where asked to make something. I took pictures and videos of my favourite projects. Below there are pictures of clothes.


I really liked these clothes but my favourite is the dress on the left because it is really pretty and I like the style of the dress. It would have been hard to make because there are layers in the skirt. I also liked the dress on the right because it was very creative and would have been hard to make but I would never wear it. The pink dress is very detailed and was also creative.I also saw lots of furniture, below are some of my favourites.


I really liked the cupboard because it was detailed and had a lot of storage in it. There are shelves and a hanging rack. It must have been hard to make!

Overall I enjoined looking at all of the different projects but my favourite was the cupboard. I also loved the long white dress. All of the projects where amazing. I am really looking forward to being a year 12 one day.

Year 8 Create Project

Today we went to the year 8 Create exhibition. This is one of the year 8 projects. They have to think about something they want to make/ create and then show other people. We had a look around and then decided on our favourite projects.

Some of the projects were amazing. There was lots of drawing and painting projects they were very detailed. Below are pictures of some drawings/ paintings.



My favourite drawing is the bottom picture, with the cat on it. I like this picture because it is very colourful and has a cute cat on it. The person who drew this was not at the stand when we saw it so we could not ask her how she drew it and if it was hard.

I also like the bottom left painting in the top picture because it has a lot of colour on it and it was very detailed. It was cool because it looked a little bit messy on one side but the other side was neat.

I also liked the pinball machine and the foze ball table. Below are some pictures of them.


I liked the foze ball table the best because I have one at home and it was just like it. The only difference is at home there are soccer players instead of wood pieces. The only thing I think could be improved is the size of the hole that the ball goes through because the ball did not fit through the hole.

I thought the pinball machine was pretty good because it was just like a real one. It was really fun to play on. It worked and also looked very good. It was very detailed.

Overall I really enjoined going to have a look at their projects. My favourite was the fozeball table.

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