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#Amaze Us

Today we had our first #Amaze us class. In this class we get to explore different apps and what they do. It was the first lesson so we had the choice of six different apps, normally we can find any app that could help us. We were allowed to bring in our own devices to help us look at different apps that we can not download on our laptops, so I brought in my iPad. We had to choose the app before we got to school and download it on our device. If we did not do this we could not use our device. Luckily I remembered.

The app I chose was Prisma. Prisma is a photo editing app. I learnt that there are lots of cool filters to change the look of the pictures completely. It depends on what style photo you have to what filter you should use, to make it look good. Above there are some pictures of my dog Max, I put different filters on him, as you can see some look better than others. My favourite is the bottom left. The filter is called Dallas.

 While we were playing around at school with the app it did not really work. We are still not sure what the problem was. Someone did go to ICT and ICT fixed there problem but not ours. I tried every filter, some looked so so BAD!!!!!It take a little while to find the right filter but when I did it looked great.

I really enjoyed this class and I can not wait for it next time. I am hoping that next lesson I will try a different app to learn more, or continue learning more about Prisma and different ways to use it.

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