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Passion Project Reflection

I think that I have completed my passion project exactly how I wanted it to be because I just wanted some really nice, pretty pictures and all in one slideshow with some gentle, slow music that builds up to fun and energetic music.

Towards the end of this project I found it really hard to choose the right music so that it would fit perfectly. But in the end I think I found some really good music that is just right.

I think I put the pictures into a good order that looks like everything is in the right place because I put all of the waterfront pictures first and then changed the space by putting all tree pictures together so that it would flow better.

While I was editing and came across problems I just googled it and then tried this on my own laptop, most of the time it worked but sometimes I would accidently watch a video about the wrong model of premier.

If I were to keep going I would go and take some more photos but  after taking them I would edit each intervisual picture with a filter or by cropping it.

Overall I had so much fun going and taking all of the pictures and also editing them all together.

Billiard Ball Maths Project

Over the last few weeks in project maths we have done the billiard ball activity.

In this activity you are on a pool table and there is no middle pockets. The ball will always start from the bottom left corner. The first thing that we had to do was guess how many times the ball would bounce before going in, but with a twist each bounce has to be on a 45 degree angle. Sometimes this could be quite challenging because if you did not quite get it straight then your whole grid would be stuffed up and you will most likely not get the correct answer.

This was very hard to just guess the exact pocket that it would go into so we started to look for patterns and strategy’s. I found a lot of different patterns but they were only to predict one number such as a 1 by 1 grid or a 5 by 8 grid size. Some of my patterns were…..

3 by …..= The answer is one more then the second number except for 3 by 3 because for every 1st and 2nd number that is the same it will always equal 0. And much more

After having a think about different patterns we then started to think about one formula that will work to predict every single pocket! This was very challenging. I started to do this by guessing and checking. I then checked with the teacher and he said that I got the two part correct. I just did not know what to do with the 2, I just knew to use one in the end formula.

This helped me a lot because then I started to think about everything I could do with a 2.

After re grouping with the class I worked out what the formula was…..

You need to simplify both numbers or half them as much as you can but both the same amount. You can also not go into minus numbers or decimals. Once you have done that the most that you can you add the width and the length together and -2. For example……

10 by 8= simplify down to 5 by 4 is the most you can do now 5+4=9-2=7 which is your answer.

I think this was challenging to find the formula because you needed to test so many different things and then you would finally get it. Below is some of my working out.

Passion Project Update

Over the past few weeks I have done a lot! I went out and took all of the pictures and then edited them all together.

I went to the water front and took lots of pictures, next I went down to the river and took some. I was really trying to focus on getting long lines and seeing the best angle I could get. This was sometimes challenging especially because I went down on a very windy day and it nearly started to rain. I took a lot of photos of the fence on the water to make those long lines. For example….

I also tried to make some of the photo blurry and the other bit really focused. While I was down at the river I took a lot of photos looking up trees and getting some perspective shoots. I think that I got a whole verity of different pictures.

The next weekend I started and finished editing them all into one film. This was pretty easy as I just put all of the water front pictures at the start and the river pictures at the end, but made them flow. Sometimes I wanted to flip the picture but it did not let me so I googled it and learnt how to flip pictures in premiere. I used the same transition for all photos so that it looked neat and matched. I tried to make some of the photos change at different points in the music, so that it will look smooth. I just made a slideshow of the pictures with music.

I learnt a lot because I worked out what looked good and what did not! This was hard to get all of the right angles and features. I also tried to go by the rule of thirds, this helped me a lot.

I think overall I have done a pretty good job and the next step for me is maybe to take some more pictures and edit the actual photo. Below are a few of my favourite photos.

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