This term in maths we have been working on building little buildings with blocks and then we had to look at them from the side, front and record it.

Sheet 1:

This is the 1st sheet that we got given. It has one big 4 by 4 grid to make the buildings on and below it had the example shape [floor plan] that you had to make.

To make it you had to put the same amount of blocks stacked up on each other as it said, that’s what the numbers mean. Then look at number one and make it on the 4 by 4 grid. We needed to kneel down to see it from the same level just to be sure i then drew the pattern made out of blocks, you just drew the biggest amount of blocks stacked up on each other for each row. Which looked like this.

We did this for 4 buildings. There is 5 buildings.  For the last building we did not make it we just had to visualise it in our head. I thought both were quite easy because you just had to look at the side and front then record it. It did take a while.

Sheet 2:

Next we were given sheet 2. Sheet 2 looks like this. You got the option to make it with blocks or you could just visualise it, but I made some of them.

It already showed us what the blocks looked like so we had to map out where they were using a [floor plan]. We had to make each one with 15 blocks. This was a lot more challenging because it was reversed so we had to make the map of where they went and that showed us what the patter was. My strategy was to start with how ever many blocks were in the left column then just put them in the front row then I would do the same for all rows. I then looked at the side view and moved some back according to the biggest number in both the side and front view. Next I just added in some more blocks where ever, making sure that they were no higher than the highest stacked up row. I made this equal 15. This is what I did for all four buildings.

I continued doing this except we had to put as many blocks as we could and the least amount of blocks. I found the least amount of blocks hardest because you had to take blocks away while moving them so they could become less.

Then we had to start back at 15 blocks and move as many blocks as we could, these are called variations. This was very had because sometimes I forget if I had already put one some where. To record this I just had a tally at the bottom of my page instead of drawing them all.

Finally we played around with this on our laptops using maths 300 soft wear. Using maths 300 we could do the same thing. Here is a photo of it.

Overall I liked doing this activity and it got more challenging as we went through the different sheets.