For my third passion project I am going to do photography. I chose to do this because I have always liked photography and I just got a really cool camera from my grandpa. I also want do improve my skills with it so that I can use it when we go away to Vietnam over the Christmas holidays. To do photography I am going to take the photos and then put them all into a mini film that will show all of them in a slideshow presentation. I think this will be cool because it will show the photos and I will learn a lot.

I am going to take the pictures at the Barwon river because it is very close and looks beautiful. I might even go down to the water front just for something different.

I am planning on using my camera to take the pictures and my laptop to edit them into one film. I am going to use premier to put the film together because it is a very good program and I can now add transitions because I have recently learnt how to. I think it will be pretty straight forward to put them in a film. I know that I will definitely learn more about the camera and taking photos like getting the best angle, look and how to make things look bigger or smaller.

I am making this film for ages 10 and up. This is because it will not have detailed information or ideas in it just a slideshow of the pictures that I take. I am looking forward to taking photos and learning more about my camera.