Last lesson we got the challenge to make a two page spread about a country of our choice. I choose Hong Kong, like shown above.

Hong Kong also has some differences….

  • Their staple food is rice and ours is pork and beef. They also eat a lot of seafood. We eat a verity of foods and love our barbecue’s, most of the time we eat or staple food/ pork and beef barbecued.
  • They do not play many sports, but they do play golf and some times a little bit of soccer.We play lots of different sports like football, dancing, tennis and much more.
  • A lot of them Hong Kong people believe in local religions.As our most popular religion is Catholic and all of the other catholic religions. Below is Australia’s pie chart for religion’s and beliefs.

Every country is different but also has similar things…..

  • We both have red in our flag.
  • We both eat seafood.
  • Both countries wear casual clothes.
  • Both countries speak English.

We have a lot of similarities, but if I lived there I would love celebrating Christmas because every Christmas is very special. Every corner in town is lit up by lanterns and lights. I think that would be just magic and so pretty. If I lived there I would just like to play some more sport because every time I go onto a golf course I get in trouble for being to noisy or loud!