Surf History

Torquay’s connection to the Olympics

Have you ever wondered why Torquay is so famous for Surfing and how it became famous?

Well I did, and I am going to be talking to you about how and why Torquay is so famous.

Torquay is the home of Surfing in Australia and even has a special Olympic connection, as part of the Melbourne Olympics, an International Surf Carnival. It was also hosted at the Torquay Surf Beach in early December 1956.

On the day of the Olympic competition there was high excitement as the famous Duke Kahanamoku arrived for the Opening ceremony.

The story I have chosen to film my documentary about is what happened on the first day of the Surfing Olympics. I think this would be an inserting story because I would talk about the Opening Ceremony and what they did and originally talked about.

The filming technique I will use is old pictures and even taking some new pictures of the Torquay beach and other really important features that were included in the Opening Ceremony. I think this would enhance my story because the audience would be able to follow the story easily.