Over the past few weeks we were given the challenge of making a passion project. A passion project is a film or some kind of presentation about a theme that you are very passionate about.

The first step was to think about a theme or an idea that we are passionate about. I decided I will make my passion project about Calisthenics my all time favourite sport! I will also be making a film. Then I went and talked to some people about my idea here was the feedback that they gave me and also who I spoke to. I got my Mum’s, Dad’s and Mia’s opion and they said they thought it was a good idea but I need to remember to keep it short and snappy. I also need to remember who my audience is, and not just about what I already know about the sport.

It is manly about what Calisthenics is because most people do not know what Calisthenics is. The purpose of my passion project is to really show more people what Calisthenics is and what it evolves because it is only an Australian sport and not a world wide sport. I also do not want people to get the wrong message because some people think it is only about the make up and costumes but it is so so not!

The main message that I am trying to communicate to the audience it what the sport is and why it is so fun and to encourage others to join in and sign up. My passion project is manly for children and any one who does not know what the sport is and I am also trying to encourage others to join the sport. I am really looking forward to the production stage most of all because I love the sport so much and I think it will be very fun to film about one of my favourite things ever.

Below is my passion project schedule….