One of my learning highlights this year in term 1 was Film making. I enjoyed this topic because I like making movies on my iPad at home. It is also quite changeling to do but fun at the same time.

For me the most challenging bit of making a film is the shot list or planning stage. This is because you need to fill in all of the shot list word for word saying every thing that you are going to say. In the shot list there is four columns they are… Scene= what number scene, Description= the storyline and what is happening, Type of Shot= MS, LS, CU, ECU, etc and Dialogue= audio VO, PTC, text on screen. I think the most challenging columns are description and dialogue because they need to be detailed.

I think I would add some more detail and description into my shot list next time. By doing this I would add more information in the description column. I normally just do a very brief passage in the about what is happening and maybe not the full story of what is happening.

Sometimes I found problem solving challenging but it was also fun. Some of the problems have different answers so I never knew which one was the right answer. It is not always the first answer that you get.

In the future I think I could improve on asking why and then answering that question after I have stated a fact and then give my own opinion. This will help with my blog posts and my writing.