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Camp Reflection

This term the year fives had camp. We went to Bunyip Biami. It was about half an hour away. Once we got there the people who ran the camp told us the rules and what we would be doing. We then got into our cabins. I was with Asha, Hannah, Maya and Mia. We had one spare bed. After we had moved all of our things into our room we were put into four activity groups. I was in group three with Mr.Mckie.

The first activity I did was the Giant slide. The slide went down the side of the hill. It looked so scary. Once we were over there Rachel the staff member told us what to do and how to do it. There were three types of cushions, slow, medium and fast. For our first go we had to use the slow one. It was so fun but we had to walk up the hill to get to the slide. I did the slow one a few times then I did the medium. The meduim was a lot faster than the slow one. I did not go on the fast one. I just kept going on the medium one. Here is a picture of the Giant Slide.


Next we had morning tea. After that we went for a walk up the other hill and did the spider web. For the spider web we had to get our whole group to the other side of the web with out touching it. As I am one of the smaller people I got lifted. This was challenging but we completed the challenge.

We then had the challenge of getting everyone across all of the tree stumps without falling off. We only had four planks of wood to use. We had to restart alot of times because people kept falling off. Luckly I did not fall. It took alot of times but we made it.

Once we had completed that activity we moved onto hut building. We got in teams of five and had to make a hut. Only using a pile of sticks and a few logs standing up in the ground. We also had to make it rain and wind proof for the day. My team worked out which way the wind was coming from and blocked that side off the most. The other side is open. I think my team worked really well and made a very good hut. Here is a picture of our hut.


We then went to the low ropes course. This was one of my favourite things to do. We had to make it all the way across the course with out falling off and touching the ground. We had two to three people helping us and making sure we would not fall off. This was not very had but we then got the challenge of being blind folded. This challenge was alot harder. I did not touch the ground. Here is a picture of the low ropes.


After that we went on the flying fox. The flying fox was very high and went across the river. While we were doing the flying fox we also had to be a part of the break crew. The break crew is where you pull the person in, unhook them and reset. When it was finally my turn I was scared and excited. We had to run down a ramp which then lifted you up into the air. I really enjoyed the flying fox. We had two turns each.

Overall I had a great time. My favourite thing I did was the the flying fox. It was fun hanging upside down over the river. I love being outside so this camp was one of my favourites. I learnt that working as a team is very important.



Robotics 8

Today in design we had the challenge of making our robots follow a line. We learnt that we should make our robot go side to side while following the line instead of going straight in the middle of the line because if the robot is in the middle and it goes off track it will not find the line again. But if the robot is going side to side it will see the red line and the white background so it will go back to the line. Here is a picture of my first program.


In this program the robot will go straight in the middle of the line and never stop. This program also has a switch block which means that if it can see the line it will go straight and if it can’t see the line it will go straight as well. The problem with this is that the robot is following the middle of the line and if it can not see the line it will continue to go straight. Here is a picture of the 2nd program I did.


If the robot can see the line it will turn right for 10 degrees, for one rotation. If the robot cannot see the line it will go left for 10 degrees, for one rotation. This program worked the fist time but did not again. We don’t know why. Here is a picture of the next program I did.


In this program I tried adding an off brick as well. This means the robot will go straight if it is on the line and backwards if not on the line. Sadly it did not work. I think it is because the robot should go side to side not backwards. Here is a picture of the final program I did.


The robot will go straight until it sensors the red line. That is all it will do but that is all I wanted it to do because I was testing if the extra repeat brick would help, it did not.

In the future I need to work on making the robot follow the red line.



This term my class has been learning about refugees. By doing this we have been reading the book Refugee. This book is about a kid Ali he is 14. Today we had to draw a picture of what we imagined the text looked like in a drawing. We were allowed to do detail in pencil or a pretty picture. Here is my picture.


In this picture there is a little boat in the bottom left corner. This is the refugees boat. Their boat has a hole in it and they are slowly sinking. In the top right corner there is a big boat, in it are some of the Australian soldiers. In the middle is the ocean and there is a quote from the book. It says…… ” We all thought that the grey ship would sink us with the waves it was making, or that it would simply sail away and let us die here”.

I chose this quote because it reminds me of how hard it can be for a refugee. It also makes me think about how hard it would be if I was in that situation. I drew this picture because that’s the image I had in my head and what I thought was happening. I feel that in the little boat it shows that there are lots of refugees and the big boat does not have any people yet. In this story it could mean the big boat is Australia and the little boat is a poor country. The big boat looks new and well looked after but the little boat looks old and run down.

Robotics 7

Today in design we worked on the light sensor. We started off with a challenge. We had to find out what it does and how. I learnt that the light sensor senses light and colour. By doing this it means you can program your robot to stop when it sees the colour red.

We started testing here is a picture of the first program.

EV3 Challenge Light Sencor 1

In this picture you can see that the program will go forward until it sensors the colour blue it will then go backwards for two rotations turn around for one and a half rotations. This program will repeat until it sensors blue again. This program did work. Here is a video of the robot.

We then tried to make our robot sense blue and red. Here is a picture of the program.

EV3 Challenge Light Sencor 2

This program is the same as the first one but it also senses the colour red. This means it will go straight ahead untill it senses the colour red or blue. This is also a working program. Here is a video.

While we were testing we also tried to make our robot say Oh!!! red, when it sensed red. Below is the program.

EV3 Challenge Light Sencor and Animation

In this program the robot will go forward untill it senses the colour red then say Oh!!! red. It will never stop. Here is a video of what we did.

This progam works very well and looks so so cool! In the future I would like to work on these kind of programs more often.

Last we had the challenge of making our robot do laps around the colours. This means we need to make the robot go from one colour to another. Here is a picture of the program.

EV3 Challenge Light Sencor final lap

Here is a video of me explaining what is happening in the program.

Here is a video of the robot.

In the future I want to work on making the robot do a few things at once like sensing the colour and saying something. Overall it was fun learning about the light sensor. It was easier than some of the other sensors. I think this is because I have learnt more about robots and robotics.

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