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Passion project Description

For my third passion project I am going to do photography. I chose to do this because I have always liked photography and I just got a really cool camera from my grandpa. I also want do improve my skills with it so that I can use it when we go away to Vietnam over the Christmas holidays. To do photography I am going to take the photos and then put them all into a mini film that will show all of them in a slideshow presentation. I think this will be cool because it will show the photos and I will learn a lot.

I am going to take the pictures at the Barwon river because it is very close and looks beautiful. I might even go down to the water front just for something different.

I am planning on using my camera to take the pictures and my laptop to edit them into one film. I am going to use premier to put the film together because it is a very good program and I can now add transitions because I have recently learnt how to. I think it will be pretty straight forward to put them in a film. I know that I will definitely learn more about the camera and taking photos like getting the best angle, look and how to make things look bigger or smaller.

I am making this film for ages 10 and up. This is because it will not have detailed information or ideas in it just a slideshow of the pictures that I take. I am looking forward to taking photos and learning more about my camera.

Hong Kong RVE

Last lesson we got the challenge to make a two page spread about a country of our choice. I choose Hong Kong, like shown above.

Hong Kong also has some differences….

  • Their staple food is rice and ours is pork and beef. They also eat a lot of seafood. We eat a verity of foods and love our barbecue’s, most of the time we eat or staple food/ pork and beef barbecued.
  • They do not play many sports, but they do play golf and some times a little bit of soccer.We play lots of different sports like football, dancing, tennis and much more.
  • A lot of them Hong Kong people believe in local religions.As our most popular religion is Catholic and all of the other catholic religions. Below is Australia’s pie chart for religion’s and beliefs.

Every country is different but also has similar things…..

  • We both have red in our flag.
  • We both eat seafood.
  • Both countries wear casual clothes.
  • Both countries speak English.

We have a lot of similarities, but if I lived there I would love celebrating Christmas because every Christmas is very special. Every corner in town is lit up by lanterns and lights. I think that would be just magic and so pretty. If I lived there I would just like to play some more sport because every time I go onto a golf course I get in trouble for being to noisy or loud!

Our Town Through Time

Surf History

Torquay’s connection to the Olympics

Have you ever wondered why Torquay is so famous for Surfing and how it became famous?

Well I did, and I am going to be talking to you about how and why Torquay is so famous.

Torquay is the home of Surfing in Australia and even has a special Olympic connection, as part of the Melbourne Olympics, an International Surf Carnival. It was also hosted at the Torquay Surf Beach in early December 1956.

On the day of the Olympic competition there was high excitement as the famous Duke Kahanamoku arrived for the Opening ceremony.

The story I have chosen to film my documentary about is what happened on the first day of the Surfing Olympics. I think this would be an inserting story because I would talk about the Opening Ceremony and what they did and originally talked about.

The filming technique I will use is old pictures and even taking some new pictures of the Torquay beach and other really important features that were included in the Opening Ceremony. I think this would enhance my story because the audience would be able to follow the story easily.

Passion Project Complete

I finished my Passion Project!!!!

Overall my Passion Project turned out really good. It did finish up how I expected it to, except for the credits which I will talk about later. I think one of the best things that I did was snip lots of little bits for the one item so that it looked really neat. Below is an example (for March.)

I think I need to make the pictures a little bit clearer because they were a bit blurry. I also think I could have made some of the cuts a bit smoother so that it flowed better. The credits would not scroll down the screen like a real movie I did try to make this work I watched lots of different YouTube videos but I could not make it work. I think that was probably the worst part of my film.

One of the tools that I found really helpful was the razor tool because it could snip any bit of video or audio. It was also helpful because instead of going all the way to the end or the start of the track that you wanted to cut you could just snip it in the middle by using the razor tool.

While I did my Passion Project I learnt lots of things but one of the most important things were that you always had to be doing something. If you had a break from editing or filming it would take a lot longer to re-start and pack up because if you were in the middle of it you have to pack up all of the equipment and save your work. You would then have to set up or re open everything.

In the future I would make my film around three minutes long instead of four minutes long. I would do this so that my audience stays engaged and interested.

I have really enjoyed making a film about Calisthenics because it was more fun then our other homework because we got to choose what our topic was about. Below is my finished Passion Project.


Passion Project Editing

For the last few weeks I have been Editing my Passion Project. I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 to edit. I think this program worked really well and my final result turned out great.

My main strategy I used while editing was trying to do things early and following my plan. This helped because I did not run out of time but I did get close. At the start of our passion project we had to make a plan/ schedule. This helped me because I stuck to it to, to make sure I would finish in time.

Premiere was a good program to use because it was normally quick and easy. Except for when I had to keep cutting little snippets of lots of different videos.

I had not really done very much editing before I did my passion project. So I watched YouTube videos to learn how to do different things. This helped me, but I did not find out how to fit all of my writing on one page and then make it scroll down the screen. This was annoying because it would have made my credits look a bit more professional.

I learnt lots of new things while editing because I did not know very much when I started. This means that next time I edit something I will be quicker and I will know what to do.

While I was editing I noticed that my film was quite long so when ever I was doing a voice over and I paused to take a breath I cut out the pauses this helped make my video shorter but it is still quite long. It goes for four minutes and fifteen seconds. I was hoping to make it about three minutes. I also did not include every secession in my final film.

Overall my final product is mainly the same as my original shotlist/plan but there are some minor changes. I changed some of the P.T.Cs to V.Os so that it would not take up as much time. This also helped by making it shorter.

Once I had finished I showed my parents my film. They said I could have…

  • Made my pictures a little bit clearer
  • I could have also added in some more of the interview. For example I asked the coaches what they liked about coaching me, I could have added that in.

They also said they really liked how much detail I had in my film and that it was clearly presented and was in a logical order.

In the end I thought that my editing went pretty smoothly and I only had a few problems but I did fix most of them. In the future I would make my film shorter and also make my photos clearer. Below is a few phots of my editing.

DC The lost princess

Today we watched a film about the lost princess or about how we should not act online. There was three true stories and messages. I am now going to tell you one of the stories.


  • Lied to her mum
  • She thought that everything she saw was real
  • She nearly met a random
  • She trusted the internet to much

She lied about her age she was not 13 she was 12 but she said that it was ok because all of her friends did it. She got a friend request and she said well I should just say yes. So she accepted it and the ”kid” said that he was a friend of a friend from school.

They were then talking about there favourite things and Charlotte gave him her messages. She thought this was a good idea at the time because she ”knew him now” and he was older than her so he was ”sensible”. One day he got her phone number.

She was then arranging to meet the boy the next day. Well her mum took her phone off her because she was texting him so much the mum then realized it was not a boy it was a adult. But she did not go and meet the guy, luckily.

The problem was that she was on her devices to much and the main problem was that she put to much trust into the internet and people do lie online but she thought that everything that the adult said was true. It was very lucky that she did not meet the man.

It affected Charlotte because she had to read the constant texts. She also was nearly at the point where she could have been in magger trouble or danger because the guy might have taken her.

The problem was fixed by her mum checking her phone. This meant that she did not go and meet the guy.

If I was Charlotte I would have told my mum or dad but I would not have accepted the friend request in the first place. I would also never go and meet someone that I did not know.

I think the main message that everyone who watches the video should think about is why you should not lie about your age and do not accept any ones friend request in less you know them.

Below is the video that we watched.

Win at the fair Maths

Lesson 1

Today in project maths we started a new unit/game. It is called Win at the fair. The original game board looks like this…

The game has different vales of money that you can win. You roll 2 dies and you either go up, left or right. The aim of the game is to obviously win as much money as you can.

Our first job was just to play the original game. We did this for at least half of the session. But we did not just keep playing for no reason we recorded all of the results from every game as a class. As a class we ended up playing 83 games. We then made a little tally. To play the game it costed one dollar so we had already made $83 but then this happened.

We ended up losing lots of money, we did not earn any money we lost money. We lost $117.00 witch is way way to much. We then had a group chat about every thing we could change to inshore we would make money not lose money. We worked out that the original game board was losing money but we wanted to pull in money.

In one day we want 1,000 games to be played. We want to give out $700 and make at least $300. We then brainstormed a list of everything that we could change to make sure we did not lose money. Below is the list.

  • Less difference between the prizes
  • Lower the jackpot.
  • Switch some of the prize locations.
  • Expand the size of the board.
  • Change the playing price.
  • Remove some prize tiles / no prizes for some spaces?
  • Special moves like ‘snake eyes moves two spaces’ or a tile that makes you go backwards.
  • Change the rules of the dice
  • Dramatic money change!

Lesson 2

Today we started to make our own new and improved game board. My first game board looks like this.

As you can see I changed…

  •  Money prizes
  • I changed the direction of the numbers when you roll them. For example if 4 was going left I changed it to straight up.
  • I lowed the jackpot
  • I switched some of the prize locations
  • I removed some of the prize tiles, so that you don’t get any prize money

I then tested my 1st changed game board and these were the results…


As you can see in my results I made $546.50 exactly, and I played 1,000 games. Well I didn’t the computer did it for me I then wanted to test it again with exactly the same game board. Below the 2nd results are…

In the 2nd lot of results I made $561.40. The second time I made more money witch is a good thing. I then decided to test it one more time and these were the results…

In the last test I did I made $550.4. So that means that my second test I made the most money. I then decided to make another game board, it is below.

As you can see I changed…

  • The money values so that you always got some money

I will now show the results.

As you can see in the results I made $424.3. Sadly I did not take a picture of my second test for that game board. I did not earn more money with that game board but I think more people would want to play that game because you can not get no prize. Below is my final game board.

In this game board I kept the arrows the same but I changed the 10c and the 30c so that you would still win money but I would win more. Here are the first lot of results

As my results show I made $581.9. So far this is the most amount of money that I have made. I also think that this game board looks inserting and people would want to play it. Below are my last results.

As you can see above I made $546.4. This is a good amount but not very consistent compared to the other results.

The second last game is the game that I being the game owner earned the most money. I think I should go with the last game board. Overall I liked this activity it was challenging but also fun.

Passion Project Production

For the last few days I have been in the production stage for my passion project. It has been really fun but also very changeling at the same time.

During the filming stage I had some success but also a few challenges. I am now going to tell you my success’s.

  • I finished all of my filming!
  • I had no trouble setting up
  • I had no problems with the audio
  • The camera did not run out of charge

I am very happy that I finished filming because if I did not I would have had no other time to do it. Because I have interview I needed to organise them. I did, the first interview was on Friday night in Melbourne and my second and third interviews were on the Saturday ”the day after.” All of my interviews went smoothly and I was ready to get on with filming my piece to cameras.

On the Monday night I started to film everything. I finished everything on the same night except for the onstage things because my grandma had the concert DVD. She dropped it over the next day so I could film the rest. I am now going to list the challenges that I had along the way.

  • I did not have the DVD
  • I found it hard to remember everything I needed to say
  • I found it challenging to find the right spot to stand in, so that I was in the middle of the camera

As I already said I got my grandma to drop the DVD over. To overcome the problem not remembering what to say I just practised more and then said it slowly. I put down a little mark to remember where to stand so that I was in the middle. Although I had a few challengers I did fix all of them.

The next step for me is to start editing witch is very important because that is the step that will make the whole thing come together. I am looking forward to editing but I know I will have a bit of trouble because I have not used Premiere very much.

Overall I think my filming went well and went to plan. I also had lots of fun. Do you think I should add in some funny bloopers at the end? Comment down below if you think I should. Below is a picture of what I filmed.

Me as a reader

When I read a very good book I prefer to be in a place that is quite so that I can concentrate better. But I do not mind where I read apart from in a vehicle because I feel car sick. Most of the time I read humour because it is my favourite genre.Sometimes I like to talk about what I am reading but only if it is a good book that I am enjoying.

I do not like to read out loud to myself I am not sure why though. I like to listen to other people reading out loud. If I like the book that I am reading I will read it in my own time but if I do not like it I don’t like to read it and I will only read when I have to. If I am connected to the book I want to keep reading. Although I might not always finish the book I do read at most of it.

The spot I normally like to read in is my chair in my bedroom because it is peaceful and quite. I only lose my focus or think about something else when I do not connect with the book and I am not as engaged. Although I do not cry while I read I do laugh sometimes. Sometimes I like some music playing when I read. I also like to read on my bed because it is confinable and can be warm.

Normally I look at the front cover when I decide what I am going to read. I also open up to a random page and read some, I read the blurb and the first page and the tittle. I normally do not have much time because of other homework, circus and Calisthenics to read.

DC Cartoons


Today in Triple R we talked about different online cartoons. The first example cartoon that we talked about was a bunch of people on their phones and the were taking a picture of someone drowning. I think that was very bad because they should of helped the person drowning instead of being on their phones. I will now talk about the picture below.

I think this image could be seen as funny when you first see it because the guy is saying that it is very late in the morning and he should get of his laptop and go to bed. So he literally then goes in to his bed and goes on to his phone a whole hour later! This might be funny because he just goes on to his phone and lies in bed he does not actually go to sleep.

I think the main message in this picture is that to many people actually don’t go to bed when they know they should. They will just go on to another device. I think that the message is also important because you should not just go on electronics as much as the guy above did.

Now looking back on to the image it is defiantly not funny because when you think about the main message it is quite detailed and important. And not funny.

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