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makey makey free choice

For this project I have planned to create a cake project. It will be a bit like Simon using cakes. There is going to be 4 things. There will be 4 different colour drums(pieces of play dough or things like that) as well as a yes key and a no key so if you make a mistake you can press the no key. I am going to use drums on the screen that jump and glow to show the order. Essential blocks. when key pressed:unexpected order of arrow key pressed options · Issue #2173 · LLK ...

pick random 1 to 4,

if then else:If () Then, Else (block) - Scratch Wiki

and a few others: when flag clicked, change y by block, costume blocks, and 1 variable called drum choice. The flag makes it start, the variable, if else, and the pick random are essential for the order code. The costumes and the change y is essential to saying what the order is, and the if key clicked and a few others are used for the correcting thing.

Turns out I need 2 lists and a few more variables. I have made the basic scratch code, still got a bit more to do. Earlier this year I made a scratch project for my sister which involved the same sort of checking if the answer was correct and I learned how do use lists as well when doing save a platformer. Both of these skills will be helpful.


purple circle orange square

purple circle and orange square

This is the code for the purple circle.(sorry about the blurriness) Space creates clones that brighten up the stage.

The orange square changes when you press the down arrow and write something. (code too long to add in here) Pressing space also makes the orange square, well, orange again.

I found that graphic effects like whirl, colour and fish eye, improve the project. Too much? press the up arrow to clear the screen.

ten block challenge

ten block challenge

In this project we had to use only 10 blocks (When sprite clicked, hide, show, wait, size, glide to, go to and repeat were some of my options of blocks) I made 4 cats in the house colours(red white green and blue) and you clicked the cats once to start the dance. they all do the same thing: shrink, then grow a bit before going to their corner then growing and finishing in the centre. They repeated this 10 times. At first I had no idea what to make so I started with the background, which gave me inspiration and it flowed on from there.

debug on scratch… not

Important words

Code- a set of instructions for a computer

glichy- Doing things that look like their not working how they should

crash- stop and not do anything

When we did debug it I was away sick😢, so instead I’ll talk about my projects.

Project 1: 2-p Dodge ball

My game is a dodge ball game where 2 balls try to be the first to hit the other person 25 times. Two players play at the same time with wad keys and space.the other player uses arrow keys. (Do not spam shoot. I put a safety catch so you can only have 5 balls at a time otherwise you disappear)

Project 2: Glitchy Pong

The ball has lots of strange effects so it looks really glitchy. Other then that it is normal pong. Not that unique but the code was all my own.

Well how much did you debug these projects?

On the first one a lot you could fire 500000 and make scratch crash but I stopped that and limited to 5 at a time.

On the second one the paddle kept turning but I found how to fix it with 1 block.