Drome part 1 and 2

Today we used drones. It was a lot of fun even though we were unable to film. They have a camera function which we can use to make videos or take photos. last group had little luck but ours have caught up to them on the first day. We are having a lot of success. I am currently working on a drone montage however we need footage from the drone.

(today unfortunately all of the equipment  we use did not film so we do not manage to get anything on Friday)

We also used two other programs. The fist one is Tello Edu used for coding drones. There is also a set of coding challenges on this. The other one is a lot like snap.


Hello again part 2 now. TODAY I BROUGHT MY DRONE FROM HOME!!!!! I can’t wait to use this for footage, also it is a racing drone and I think it is a lot more reliable so I should get some footage, also it comes with a remote. It is quite windy and I forgot my charger so i may not be able to fly. :(( Hope that the wind stops.

Fingers crossed everything turns out alright.

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