dash and dot

Yesterday we were supposed to do sphero. For the first 2 periods we sat around trying to get our sphero to work but it did not so we used dash and dot.

Meet Dash & Dot Robots for kids ages 6+ | Wonder Workshop - YouTube

Dash and had a lot more features then sphero including microphones, a recording device so you can choose what you want it to say. You can get him to say any thing you want and you have 10 recording in at one time. He can make animal noises and the code is more precise

Programmable Robot Ball: Sphero SPRK+ | Teach STEM with Sphero

We made the maze for him but that was not the right challenge for dash. They were slow compared to the fast sphero and un-reliable when recording like always. Dash was the only one that moved and crashed a lot of the time. The code was good but the robot was not the best for the maze. Today we are using sphero. I hope it is not a repeat of last week and sphero works this time around.


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