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For this project I have planned to create a cake project. It will be a bit like Simon using cakes. There is going to be 4 things. There will be 4 different colour drums(pieces of play dough or things like that) as well as a yes key and a no key so if you make a mistake you can press the no key. I am going to use drums on the screen that jump and glow to show the order. Essential blocks. when key pressed:unexpected order of arrow key pressed options · Issue #2173 · LLK ...

pick random 1 to 4,

if then else:If () Then, Else (block) - Scratch Wiki

and a few others: when flag clicked, change y by block, costume blocks, and 1 variable called drum choice. The flag makes it start, the variable, if else, and the pick random are essential for the order code. The costumes and the change y is essential to saying what the order is, and the if key clicked and a few others are used for the correcting thing.

Turns out I need 2 lists and a few more variables. I have made the basic scratch code, still got a bit more to do. Earlier this year I made a scratch project for my sister which involved the same sort of checking if the answer was correct and I learned how do use lists as well when doing save a platformer. Both of these skills will be helpful.


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  1. Hello Jacques,
    You have done a good job of explaining how you will code your project. Remember to spend some time explaining your ideas.

    I wonder if you can take some of the thinking you used to create the maths game for your sister to create a complex game using the Makey Makey?

    Mrs Watters

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