Quick recap:

Ali’s father has been killed by the Taliban to protect him🤔 ( bit of Taliban background: the Taliban wreaked the twin towers °□°) he has been sent away to Australia to live in freedom but instead of freedom he is in a refugee camp called woomera. Not free in the free country!

“Woomera is a prison. the worst type of prison. Imagine not being able to do anything at all.” quote from Ali in refugee. he has taken a interview there and told him that his father was killed by them. The guard was heartless and just tossed the interview onto a big pile of  paper. Ali was sure he would be released soon but when he asked a guard he laughed and said “some of these people have been here a year.” Ali was shocked by this news. His friend Safir got in a fight with some Iranians. He began to lose hope, but then a school started. His hope fell until he was in the school: one of the things he learnt was about Australia. “Why would they teach us about Australia if they did not think we would live here one day” He gets to help the little kids and as a reward he gets points and buys a phone card and tries to call his relatives.

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