Quick recap:

Ali’s father has been killed by the Taliban to protect him🤔 ( bit of Taliban background: the Taliban wreaked the twin towers °□°) he has been sent away to Australia to live in freedom but instead of freedom he is in a refugee camp called woomera. Not free in the free country!

“Woomera is a prison. the worst type of prison. Imagine not being able to do anything at all.” quote from Ali in refugee. he has taken a interview there and told him that his father was killed by them. The guard was heartless and just tossed the interview onto a big pile of  paper. Ali was sure he would be released soon but when he asked a guard he laughed and said “some of these people have been here a year.” Ali was shocked by this news. His friend Safir got in a fight with some Iranians. He began to lose hope, but then a school started. His hope fell until he was in the school: one of the things he learnt was about Australia. “Why would they teach us about Australia if they did not think we would live here one day” He gets to help the little kids and as a reward he gets points and buys a phone card and tries to call his relatives.

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rube goldburg 3 and 4

Now I have made 2 more machines. The first one is a wheel moving thing that moves a wheel ever so slightly and a marshmallow catapult. 1. a ball rolls down a ramp hitting a stick pushing a ball of the lever causing it to move down pushing the wheel forwards a bit.

2. a marshmallow catapult. I throw a boot pulling a ribbon attached to a can knocking over the book landing on one side of the spoon flying the marshmallow into the air. After 24 takes.


rube goldburg blog post 1 and 2

So far I have made 2 rube Goldberg machines. The first one is a little house destroyer, where a blue marble destroys a marble house. The blue marble goes down a big marble course then it knocks down a few domino’s destroying the house. it took 5 or 6 tries but it finally worked. The video is too big to load in here. The second one is a toilet paper down the stairs thing. You put a marble on a ramp then it rolls down setting off a chain reaction of domino’s rolling the toilet paper down the stairs. AWESOME. Except the cleaning up part not so awesome. Poor toilet paper. The toilet paper got a bit messy. Whoops.


With Micro Bit, I have made custom code for a Bit Bot,

aka, Boss Bot, and a watch.


Setting up: Turn watch on as soon as the real life minute changes. Press b until the hour is the same as it really is and then press a until the minute is correct as well. Once you set up the watch it will tell the time until it is turned off. You can change between 24 hour time and 12 hour time by shaking the micro bit.That is about it. (sorry no pictures)

Boss bot

You drive the bot using a & b.The bot has 2 settings: fast mode and normal mode.

pictures & videos.


hellll8io, wait I mean hello, I must of made a mistake, yes today we are learning about the word mistake. This word came into use during the 1600’s. It comes from the old Norse word mistaka. The word mistake is a example of the mis pronoun. This word means: accident, take something you should not have, do something wrong, take a word you hear a different way then what was intended. The mis pronoun means: accidentally(rest of word), make a mistake while doing(rest of word) synonyms include but are not limited to: mistaken accident problem.  

I chose this word because I can put a lot more info in this then misprint or a less common word, yet when I searched things it came up with irreverent things. WHY!!!!

makey makey free choice

For this project I have planned to create a cake project. It will be a bit like Simon using cakes. There is going to be 4 things. There will be 4 different colour drums(pieces of play dough or things like that) as well as a yes key and a no key so if you make a mistake you can press the no key. I am going to use drums on the screen that jump and glow to show the order. Essential blocks. when key pressed:unexpected order of arrow key pressed options · Issue #2173 · LLK ...

pick random 1 to 4,

if then else:If () Then, Else (block) - Scratch Wiki

and a few others: when flag clicked, change y by block, costume blocks, and 1 variable called drum choice. The flag makes it start, the variable, if else, and the pick random are essential for the order code. The costumes and the change y is essential to saying what the order is, and the if key clicked and a few others are used for the correcting thing.

Turns out I need 2 lists and a few more variables. I have made the basic scratch code, still got a bit more to do. Earlier this year I made a scratch project for my sister which involved the same sort of checking if the answer was correct and I learned how do use lists as well when doing save a platformer. Both of these skills will be helpful.


Makey MaKey Part 2

I have made multiple projects in makey makey. I have already made a gaming controller and a bongo in makey makey as well as a piano. for the piano I used 6 coins instead of fruit because I thought I had ruined too many fruit. the coins worked fine but I had my wires in a jumble so I am fixing that. I the other problem is the coins slide too much. I have found that the coins do not get ruined after using so this will be a bit easier to start with. I hope when I make my scratch music thingy, the wires won’t be in my way of playing the music. I am planning to make a song that says hello in every single language and the coins change the voice type. The types include: Giant, kitten tremor and a few more.

Makey makey

Today In design we used makey makey a extension keyboard. This uses wires to transport electricity. What exactly is “electricity?” electricity is a form of energy with kinetic energy and many more. makey makey  works like this. Space key: wait until touch earth then space. arrow keys: if touching earth then arrow. Loads of Items use electricity such as: makey makey,(duh) computers i pads, lights and fans. I had no idea how or what makey makey was but now I did the extension activity: a gaming keyboard. The bongos were really cool, I made the bongo keys using bananas. The other keys for the gaming keyboard were a lemon, and 2 pears. All these items   work because they have moisture in them. Some of the fruits have tough skin so you need to bruise them by rubbing on them or whacking them.    

Final scratch post this term!!!

I have done tons of projects this term on scratch and I have to say. I love all my published ones. even the ultimate eye endurance test. I have learnt that I make projects faster then I make ideas! I have 6 published projects and my favourite 3 has to be the Dino game 2.0, Which is the updated version of the no internet game. Record race which is pretty nice because it has 2 parts but my favourite is a clicker that I have not named as of 27/03/2020 10:44. One challenge was making 2-p dodge ball because of the crazy amount of code. When I made Record race, I figured out that clicker game code is easier then I thought so I made another one. When people come up to me and ask for help, I think the biggest challenge is getting all of the requests done. Once most people are on their scratch project half the time I am “booked out”. another hard thing is I cant’t make someones project for them so I have to help them a bit and then I have to get them to go off on there own. One thing I want to do is make one big project to show what year 5 working together can do. It would be amazing. We could have multiple projects for different themes. I hope we can do that.

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