In English we are currently writing poems, for our first poem we were told to write about anything we could see outside, I chose the letterbox.


I am not overly proud of this poem and feel I could do better. I found this task extremely difficult but anyways here is the poem


The letter box is still,

The letter box is quiet,

The letter box is starved,

Yes it’s started it’s diet,

People have stopped writing

And the letter box has stopped fighting

And instead accepted

That his job has been intercepted

By non-other than a robot

With no mail slot

Even though the letter box knows that it’s a longshot

But maybe one day,

He will again receive his pay.



Once again I think there is room for improvement but I am still happy with the result.



  • Lacey :))



Last term all of our English lessons were devoted to learning and writing an essay on refugees and weather or not Australia should be home to more of them.

I am very happy to say that I have completed my first ever essay and I am happy with the result,

This topic was really interesting and spiked up a lot of discussion…..

But before we could start writing we had to learn about the topic- I think this is were I made my first error, something that I can defiantly improve on for next time.

In the feed back that Miss O’C wrote about how I need to work on my explanations and facts, so a way I could improve in this area would be to pay more attention while we are going through all of the facts and explanations so that I can really take it all on board.

Another way I could improve in this area is to spend more time researching instead of writing my ideas down and then adding in facts and evidence (and making sure it is understandable)……


overall I am happy with my first attempt of an essay! And I know what I have to work on next time around!



Lacey :))

Term 1 Goal Reflection

Hi everyone,

At the start of this term I set a goal to be more organised. I really think I have achieved this goal. Looking back at my student planner I have written everything down and not once lost anything important…(that I know of…). and I have been getting everything done on time.

This goal was very worthwhile I am very happy that i set this goal because being organised has made everything a lot easier. especially things that I have to do outside of school like homework and packing my p.e. uniform for the next day if it’s needed.

In term two I think my goal will revolve around not talking so much in class and concentrating more on what I am doing and not what the person across  from me is doing next Saturday.



My goal fro term one is to become ORGANISED.  I really want to achieve this goal because things are a lot easier when you are organised, for example HOMEWORK.  Me being myself, (unorganized)  always forget to write things down meaning when I go to do my homework, I have either already forgotten what exactly the task is, or I have forgotten an important detail(s).

This goal is realistic because I have eight weeks (well 7 and a half.) to really work hard on  the little things, like simply writing things down in my student planner so I wont forget to do anything or bring anything in. (bathers….)

Three actions I will take to complete this goal are:

  • Writing things down in my planner!
  • Keeping my locker tidy, (making things more accessible)
  •  I am going to check my emails daily, (not weekly…….) so i don’t miss any important information.


I think it will take me approximately about two weeks to get into the habit of being organised but then, hopefully for the rest of the term I will stay organised.

I don’t think anyone can “help” me stay on path with my goal, it’s really up only up to me. especially with this goal, because no-one can really MAKE  me (for example) keep my locker clean.


bye bye

  • Lacey ?