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Fay’s Nines Refection

We had to have the numbers 1-9 and we could only use them in once in each solution.  And they did not need to be unique solutions so if you did this 178+362+459 you could do this one as well 178+352+469, and there where 180 solutions and we had to prove how there is 180 solutions.

When we started this problem I thought it would so hard to find the solutions because I thought they had to be unique.

I found that in the units column all the numbers together equalled 19 in the tens 18 and in the hundreds 8.

To put fay’s nines i manageable parts i started with one number in the middle till i found how many solutions i could get.

The point where i stopped was trying to find more solutions. The reason why the answer of how many solutions there are i think is because when you get 180 and you divide that by 9 it equalled 20 and on one of the numbers (because i only tried it with one number)i could only get 20 solutions for that number and me and my partner could not see any possible way of getting over 20.

Well it was really challenging at the start because we did not know what each row need to add up to 19 or 18 or 8. And we also did not know at the start how many solutions there where witch was really challenging to find out.


Abi Ramsey • November 8, 2018

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