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Ukraine RVE countrys of the world #1

The task was that we had to chose a country and we had to draw there flag and we had to find out different things like there religions, there fashion and what they eat and other things.

Things that are different about Ukraine than Australia are:

  • The traditional clothes because they where more fancy cloths.
  • Their religions because in Australia is more Christian or Anglican.
  • Their food because they eat lots of dairy products and breads

The things that Ukraine and Australia have in common are:

  • Some people in Ukraine can speak English
  • We both wear causal clothes now
  • ¬†We both eat lots of vegetables

If I lived in Ukraine the most difficult thing I would find to get used to would be learning their main language Russian because I have never learnt how to speak Russian. If I got to live I Ukraine the most interesting thing I would find about their culture would be what do their festivals look like because Ukraine like to hold lots of celebrations.

Abi Ramsey • September 9, 2018

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